Shelf Swap with Non Pratt

I love swapping book recs, so I’m asking one person each month to pick five books from my Goodreads shelves that they would like to read and five books from their own shelves that they think I might enjoy.

I’m happy to welcome Non Pratt, fabulous author of Trouble, Remix, Truth or Dare and Unboxed, here to celebrate her newest novella, Second Best Friend, to Pretty Books for Shelf Swap!


Not Yet Dark by Simon P. Clark
I’m a huge fan of Eren – Clark’s atmospheric and creepily compelling debut and have been itching to read his second, which promises to deliver an equally intriguing story, this time combined with my perennial favourite theme of fractured teen friendships.

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman
While I’m a devout children’s and YA fan, there are some grown-up books that eventually reach critical mass and force their way onto my radar. This is one such book – so many people whose judgement I trust have raved about Eleanor Oliphant that as soon as this is available in paperback, I’m going to give it a go.

George by Alex Gino
Sounds right up my street in terms of subject matter, tone and age range – I do not understand how I’ve not yet read this book! Doing Shelf Swap has reminded me to get on it. Immediately.

Becoming Betty by Eleanor Wood
Eleanor Wood is one of the six authors I’m working with on Floored and although I’ve read (and loved) My Secret Rockstar Boyfriend, I really want to get on and read Becoming Betty – as a teenager music meant so much to me and I love reading about fictional teens who feel the same way.

Orphan Monster Spy by Matt Killeen
A bit of a cheat as I have a proof of this and it is LITERALLY the next book on my TBR, because I really, really want to read it. Last year I got totally hooked on Wolf By Wolf, not for the skin-shifting and the motorcycles, but for the life-or-death tension created by pretending to be someone you’re not and I’m expecting similar thrills (and more) from Killeen’s debut.


Going Too Far
by Jennifer Echols
So. I did a bit of poking around on your Goodreads shelves because I’m a giant nerd who does her homework properly. You like contemporary US writers, and you’ve read most of the ones I can think of… but have you tried Jennifer Echols? It’s a SUPER long time since I read this, but I raced through it and it has that sunny, small-town America vibe plus a pulse-racy romance that you might enjoy. (It’s possible I should re-read before recommending, but hey, let’s risk it!)

Stacey says: I haven’t! I’ve *heard* of Jennifer Echols, but for some reason have never read any of her books… that must change! I do quite like sunny, small-town America vibes.

Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin
Looking through old shelf swaps, you prefer contemporary to fantasy – this is a book that is high-concept contemporary and I adored it when it came out. It’s sweet and heart-wrenching and very readable and might be something a little different.

Stacey says: I have a copy of this, so I’m very interested in checking it out, especially if you loved it, Non! *waves through stacks of contemporary YA*

The Last Days of Archie Maxwell by Annabel Pitcher
Annabel Pitcher is one of the finest UKYA writers we have and if you’re looking to bump up your UKYA quota, why not do so with a quick read novella that packs all the emotional punch of Annabel’s longer novels?

Stacey says: I had no idea that Annabel Pitcher had written a new novella! I’ll have to track it down – I loved Ketchup Clouds.

Graffiti Moon by Cath Crowley
I re-read this recently and Graffiti Moon is still one of the best dual narrative contemporary novels I’ve ever read. Fresh and compelling and like nothing else I can think of – you might love USYA the most, but I think Aussie YA brings together the best elements of US and UKYA.

Stacey says: You’re right, I haven’t read much Australian YA (also, I always confuse Graffiti Moon with Jellicoe Road), but I definitely want to pick this one up.

Giant Days, Volume 2 by John Allison, Lissa Treiman, Max Sarin and Whitney Cogar
I see you have read Giant Days, Volume 1 – is it totally cheating to suggest you read Volume 2 (and 3, 4, 5 and 6…) as well? I bloody love this series! I recently recommended it to my husband who has been keeping me awake by laughing all the way through each volume.

Stacey says: I read Giant Days recently and adored it – it’s so refreshing to see a graphic novel set in a UK university – and more volumes are on my wishlist for the next time I visit a comic shop!

Thank you, Non, for swapping shelves with me today!

Do you want to read any of these books?


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  1. A Cup of Wonderland

    Ive not read many of these but I have read George which is absolutely brilliant!

  2. I absolutely loved Becoming Betty back in May, and there are loads of these I want to read. Would really like to do one of these at some point if you need any more people 💜

  3. This shelf swap is such a great idea! Wonderful post ❤

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