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Hello! I’m Stacey, a girl in her twenties from London, England who loves books, brunch, and all things blue. You’ll often find me browsing a bookshop, exploring a European city, or Instagramming my newest foodie discovery. You can also find me over on the companion blog, Pretty Books on Tumblr. I love to read many genres of children’s, young adult and adult fiction, from shiny hardbacks to convenient eBooks. I’m currently loving contemporary young adult novels and graphic novels.

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Review Policy
I’m only accepting books for review from publishers I am already in contact with but do feel free to send a message using the form below. As I work in the book industry, I do not post negative reviews, but I review books I enjoyed honestly. I accept both physical review copies and digital copies from NetGalley. A list of all the books I’ve reviewed can be found here. I do not accept self-published books for review.


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