Added to My Bookshelves: March & April

Here are the books I’ve added to my shelves recently!

In March, I was lucky to attend Andersen Press’ first ever blogger brunch. We got to hear all about their lovely upcoming books, eat lots of pastries and discover whether we were an optimist, realist or pessimist to celebrate Susin Nielsen’s Optimists Die First (I’m most definitely a pessimist). In our goody bags, we were given Troublemakers, Goodbye Days, The Way Back Home, and Encounters. I was intrigued to hear that Encounters was based on a true story – in 1994, students from a Zimbabwe school claimed to see a UFO land on the school grounds. The Way Back Home and Goodbye Days are both emotional reads, so they’re right up my street.

I was also extremely lucky to receive a whole bunch of surprise review copies from publishers. In my contemporary pile, you’ll find Juniper Lemon’s Happiness Index, Stargazing for Beginners, Everything Beautiful is Not RuinedNoah Can’t Even, Release and I Have No Secrets. I’m excited to delve into all of these, but Release (it’s Patrick Ness, obv.) and Stargazing for Beginners (I’ve heard such amazing things about Jenny McLachlan’s latest) are high up on my TBR.

I also received copies of Doing It!, The Bookshop Girl and Things a Bright Girl Can Do. I’ve already read The Bookshop Girl and absolutely adored it, so check back for a review very soon. I even match the cover! I was also happy to receive Hannah Witton’s debut book and a copy of Things a Bright Girl Can Do – one I heard all about at Andersen Press – about three suffragettes, Evelyn, May and Nell.

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And lastly, I took a trip to Foyles and bought It’s All Absolutely Fine – which I’ve wanted for ages, and I follow Ruby on Instagram – and I received All My Friends Are Superheroes for my birthday from my lovely friend Louise, which sounds like an incredibly unique short story!

Have you read any of these books?

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Added to My Bookshelves: February

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Here are the books I added to my shelves last month!

In February, I attended the wonderful YA Stripes blogger event and picked up Fir and Following Ophelia. We got to hear from the lovely authors themselves, write a spontaneous YA novel, learn about Stripes’ upcoming books, and go on a visit to Leighton House to discover more about the Pre-Raphaelites. It was a beautiful and fascinating visit (and it was fun to feel like we were on a school trip…). Stripes also sent And Then We Ran for review in the most gorgeous package.

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I went on a few bookshop adventures last month. I finally bought a finished copy of Sara Barnard’s A Quiet Kind of Thunder (one of my favourite books) and picked up Nina LaCour’s Everything Leads to You and We Are Okay (I love love love the cover). I adore beautiful contemporary novels and I’ve been meaning to try one of her books for a while now.

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I also received a few books for review from generous publishers: One of Us is Lying, See How They LieDamageSilver Stars & Dead of Night. I’m particularly excited to read One of Us is Lying, described as The Breakfast Club + murder. I don’t remember the last time I saw a book receive so many 5* reviews before it’s even published (132 and counting), so I’m extremely intrigued and want to pick this up soon.

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Have you read any of these?

Behold the Pretty Books! / January Book Haul

Behold the Pretty Books! / January Book Haul
Here are the books I added to my bookshelves last month!

January kicked off with a book launch for Katherine Webber’s sensational Wing Jones and it was the first book I bought this year. I also picked up Mad Girl from the library because I’ve seen a lot of buzz about it on Twitter. I want to read (and talk about) mental health more in 2017.

I received some surprise review copies in the post: The Lotterys Plus One, The Mystery of the Painted Dragon, InkLetters to the Lost and See You in the Cosmos. I love Katherine Woodfine’s The Mystery of the Clockwork Sparrow and The Mystery of the Jewelled Moth, so I’m very much looking forward to delving into the third book in the series!

Behold the Pretty Books! / January Book Haul

Also this month, I was excited to say yes when asked if I wanted copies of History is All You Left Me and All About Mia. I adored Lisa Williamson’s first book, The Art of Being Normal, and have been excited about All About Mia for months.

I was lucky enough to attend the Scholastic Book Feast and hang out with fellow bloggers (there was a Fantastic Beasts quiz and we failed spectacularly) and listen to Scholastic’s wonderful authors and hear all about their upcoming books. I nabbed copies of Wintergirls, Two Summers, The Museum of Heartbreak and we were given a copy of the upcoming YA fantasy, Show Stopper.

Are any of these books on your TBR?

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