I’m a member of the pin badge club

I don’t wear much jewellery; a necklace occasionally, or a ring. I guess that popping a little pin badge onto my pinafore or dungarees – picking one out to suit my mood – is my version. My collection is a reflection of all the things I love, from books to coffee, adventures to dachshunds. I wear them so much that people have started buying me them as gifts! I love seeing other people’s, so I thought I’d share mine:

The Readers Gonna Read pin badge was one of the first I received, in an Illumicrate box, and it sparked a love of pins. I probably wear my bookish ones the most, with Read More being my favourite – I adore the colour!

I also have a few showing things I’m a fan of, such as my Yellow Coat Crew pin (I have two yellow coats!), sausage dogs (I was given these two pins for my last birthday), and travelling/adventures (I tend to take them on city breaks). I also wear my EU pin when Brexit news starts to bring me down… I have my eye on a few autumn-themed pins at the moment – I’m all about pretty leaves, hot chocolate and cosiness.

The Pin Badge Club is owned by illustrator Ben Cameron and he kindly sent me his September pin for free – featuring an adorable book and coffee – to share on social media. When he announced that the October pin would be autumn/Halloween-themed, I had to sign up for another month. I can’t wait to see it!

Do you own any pin badges?

Read More – Fable & Black
Bookworm – Fable & Black
Readers Gonna Read – The Literary Emporium
Book and coffee – Pin Badge Club
I like big books – Waterstones
Fox and hedgehog – RSPB
Sausage dog – Emma Traynor
Ravenclaw – Foyles
Sausage dog with hat – a gift
London bus – a gift
Adventure Awaits – onr.
Map (Fueled by travel) – Lucie Bascoul
Yellow Coat Crew – Wren and Wilson
EU Heart – Veronica Dearly
Proud to be bookish – a gift
Rainbow cake – a gift
Berlin – a gift shop on holiday
Hedwig – British Library
Mockingjay – a gift

6 thoughts on “I’m a member of the pin badge club

  1. I love badges too! Do you know of Punky Pins? Great website that sells quirky pins (including book themed ones!).

  2. ah i love your collection!! i should share mine at some point 😀

  3. I have a couple of pins through sub boxes, but have never actually worn them. I did see some awesome decorative ways to use them though, so I’m thinking about looking into that! Would love to have a way to showcase all my pins in my soon-to-be-library space at home, haha.

    Nice collection! Love the cake and owl ones. 😀

  4. I love this! And I love pins! Mine are mostly book related, but I hope to get more soon. I haven’t worn any of them yet because I’m always scared they might fall off!

  5. So many cute pins! The Illumicrate one was one of the first I ever got, and it started my collection.
    Cora | http://www.teapartyprincess.co.uk/

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