What I’ve Discovered / Fresh Flowers, Lucy Fleming’s Illustrations & Who Gives a Crap

This is a new feature dedicated to all the things I’ve discovered, loved or enjoyed most recently!

Pretty Vases and Fresh Flowers

I used to think that fresh flowers were a waste of money (they die so quickly), but that was before the realisation that they were an easy way to brighten my day. Now I have a fresh bunch on my desk every week and yellow daffodils are my current favourite. A little vase of joy is a really easy way to make me feel happy in the mornings. I’ve also enjoyed buying them for birthdays and Mother’s Day – and people seem to like getting them!


Lucy Fleming’s Illustrations

Last year I visited my friend Kat’s home for the first time and noticed she had lots of lovely framed drawings on the wall. I thought this was such a lovely idea. I’ve never been one to buy art, but recently I picked up two stunning prints of Edinburgh (one of my favourite places in the world) and prints by Lucy Fleming, a book illustrator that I discovered on Twitter (she also runs a beautiful Instagram account). I bought two beautiful illustrations from her website: Orionid and Flying, a couple of frames, and put up one in my living room and one in my bedroom. Perfect.


Who Gives a Crap

No, sadly I haven’t stopped worrying about what other people think about me just yet. I want to talk to you about 🚽’s. I came across Australian brand Who Gives a Crap on Instagram and thought they were pretty awesome. They produce toilet paper, tissue boxes, kitchen roll, etc. made from recycled (“forest friendly”) paper, and 50% of their profits are donated to help build toilets for those who need them – they’ve donated more than £650k so far. I thought that was pretty cool, so I ordered tissues and kitchen roll to last me a year (!). I adore my pretty new tissue boxes and they’re super soft, so I thought I’d share the love.


14 thoughts on “What I’ve Discovered / Fresh Flowers, Lucy Fleming’s Illustrations & Who Gives a Crap

  1. Your bookshelves! Your aesthetic! Your environmental consciousness! I love it. Go you.

    • This is lovely to hear, thank you! I do try to be a little bit better (I LOVE my KeepCup for coffee!), but there’s still a long way to go!

  2. Ooh, I love environmentally aware companies. ^_^

  3. arubunwritten

    Illustrations as artwork is a genius idea! I really like this post idea, looking forward to your next one 😊

  4. I do love tulips and daffodils. My find of 2017 was the O’Hara sisters. I would love one of their prints in my study.

  5. 3 of my favorite things: fresh flowers, cool illustrations and good TP! Well done, you! I dig your blog! Cheers, Ben

  6. I love this feature! It’s always fun to see what others have been loving each month.

    I’ve never been one for fresh flowers in the house like you, but after buying a bunch of succulents for my wedding I definitely see the appeal. I actually wouldn’t mind getting some when I move over. Though I’ll probably stick with succulents just because they last a long time and are easy to propagate into new plants!

    And ooh framed illustrations! How fun! I actually plan on doing something similar when Dave and I finally get our own place: a wall of my favorite artists to inspire me to keep creating!

  7. Who Gives a Crap seem awesome! Thanks for highlighting them.

  8. For me adulthood has meant finally understanding fresh cut flowers and scented handles. Self care!

  9. Absolutely love the illustrations! Thank you for bringing this artist into my timeline. I have never bought art before, but this sounds like a lovely time to start.

  10. YES, I have had the exact same flower relationship transformation. They just brighten up every room, and especially at the mo, make it feel more Spring-like!

  11. 😀
    i really enjoyed this post and especially learning about the paper! having art in my room makes me very happy

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