Added to My Bookshelves: December

Here are the lovely books I added to my shelves in December!

For Christmas, I was super lucky to get the Harry Potter illustrated books. I’ve wanted them ever since I worked at Bloomsbury Children’s before they were published, so as soon as Foyles announced they were selling them for half price, I quickly added them to my list. I’ll definitely be starting a Harry Potter re-read this year, accompanied by Jim Kay’s beautiful illustrations. My lovely friend Cathy also bought me a copy of Craig Taylor’s Londoners, which I read and loved more than five years ago. I read the eBook, so I’m really looking forward to picking it up again – it’s even more relevant now.

I also received a bunch of surprise review copies: Orphan Monster Spy, The Astonishing Colour of After, The Unknowns, The Truth and Lies of Ella Black, Bad Girls with Perfect Faces, The Nowhere Girls, Contagion, and Not Yet Dark. Most of these books are completely new to me and I am most intrigued by Orphan Monster Spy – a Jewish girl-turned-spy must infiltrate an elite Nazi boarding school – and An Astonishing Colour of After – Leigh Chen Sanders is sixteen when her mother dies by suicide, leaving only a scribbled note, and she finds herself travelling to Taiwan to meet her maternal grandparents for the first time.

In December, I also picked up Nevermore: The Trials of Morrigan Crow, The State of Grace, Seven Days of You, Songs About Us, Out of Heart, Spellbook of Lost and Found, It Only Happens in the Movies, and Moonrise. I recently raced through Sarah Crossan’s Moonrise, a poignant novel written in poetry from the point of view of a young boy whose brother is on death row, and Holly Bourne’s It Only Happens in the Movies was my first book of 2018. I started off 2017 reading ...And I Happy New Year? so it seemed fitting! I’ve also heard absolutely amazing things about Nevermore, which is said to be fans of Harry Potter and His Dark Materials, so I’d love to pick that up soon, too.

Have you read any of these books?

2 thoughts on “Added to My Bookshelves: December

  1. I loved Moonrise. It was so beautifully written.
    Also adored It Only Happens in the Movies

  2. Loved all the editions! Harry potter also has The history of magic and Fantastic Beasts in an ilustrated edition that i really want!!!!

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