Added to My Bookshelves: July & August

I love book-shopping and in July and August, I visited four bookshops. I walked with a friend through Edinburgh’s beautiful streets to browse the shelves at Golden Hare Books. I’d love to get back into adult fiction and so I bought a short novel that I’ve heard so much about, Han Kang’s The Vegetarian. It’s described as a ‘fraught, disturbing and beautiful’ story set in modern day South Korea.

I went on an adventure to see Lucy and we visited three bookshops in Bath, where I bought Lobsters (one of my favourite books that I only owned a proof of), How to Be Danish (because I’m obsessed with all things Scandi), and Becoming Betty (written by Eleanor Wood, who I met at Chris Russell’s launch and who was absolutely lovely). Lucy also kindly gave me a copy of Will Hill’s After the Fire. (See Lucy’s book haul here). I adore Bath and have previously blogged about my visits to Toppings & Co. and Mr. B’s Emporium of Reading Delights.

I was also sent a bunch of books for review. I’m particularly excited to read Here We Are Now, all about music, family and friendship, and The Beginning of the World in the Middle of the Night, because I’ve been thinking about giving short stories another go. Jen Campbell’s new book is described as a collection of ‘twelve haunting stories’. I was also sent Another Place, Everybody Hurts, Alex Approximately, Ringer(although I still need to pick up Replica), The Treatment and a sampler of Leigh Bardugo’s The Language of Thorns. It’ll be a busy autumn!

And lastly, my lovely housemate Charlie gave me a copy of A Change is Gonna Come, which I’ve heard nothing but excellent things about. I can’t wait to delve into this anthology of stories and poetry from BAME writers.

Are any of these books on your TBR or wishlist?

16 thoughts on “Added to My Bookshelves: July & August

  1. Alex Approximately is one of my favorite reads this year. I just loved it! I liked Replica, and am excited to read Ringer to see where Oliver takes it all. That is quite a haul. I hope you enjoy them all!

    • I’ve been hearing lots of excellent things about Alex, Approximately! I had no idea that Replica wasn’t a standalone until very recently… I’ll have to pick it up soon.

  2. I like C. L Taylor’s books and The Treatment has some really good reviews. I hope that you will enjoy it. Happy reading 🙂

  3. Psst “Laini Taylor’s The Language of Thorns.” I think you made a slight mistake here.

    Feel free to delete this comment btw 😀

  4. Wow what an amazing book haul!!! And you got Alex, Approximately!! That’s one of my favorite books! I hope you love it too!

  5. I’ve read ALEX, APPROXIMATELY! Enjoyed it too, great read for summer as well.

  6. There is a shop in town near me that has How to be Danish and it’s one of those books I pick up every single time I go in but I never actually buy. I should just do it.

  7. Gayathri Lakshminarayanan

    The Vegetarian is definitely on my TBR. And as always you have given a few more to be added on my list.

    Gayathri @ Musings Over Nothing

  8. After watching a lot of booktubers, it’s amazing to see so many different books on your blog, not just the same books that everybody else has too. Very refreshing! 🙂

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