Summer Has Begun!

It has been a couple of years since I’ve had a summer TBR and so I thought it was about time for another one. I’ve found it difficult over the past year to read anything but contemporary YA. When life is tough, no other genre will do. It’s also my favourite genre to pick up when the sun’s out, so here’s what I’ve chosen to read this year (with an accidental blue and pink theme!).

I visited the beautiful new Waterstones in Crouch End and bought Sandhya Menon’s “arranged-marriage YA romcom” When Dimple Met Rishi. If the internet is raving about a YA contemporary novel, I’m all over it, and everyone on Twitterverse is saying how cute this story is. Next up is Nina LaCour’s Everything Leads to You. I’ve wanted to pick up a Nina LaCour story for a while and recently bought her latest, but We Are Okay didn’t quite sound like the ideal summer read… Everything Leads to You is about Emi, film buff and true romantic.

I also plan to read Katy Canon’s And Then We Ran. I’ve read her first novel, Love, Lies & Lemon Pies, and have high hopes for an adorable road trip story. Speaking of road trips, I was sent a copy of Clémentine Beauvais’ first YA novel, Piglettes. I adore Clém’s writing (she is the author of the fantastic Sesame Seade Mysteries) and so I can’t wait to get stuck into this tale of three friends and their summer adventures.

Walker Books sent me a copy of Love & Gelato, which instantly caught my attention because who doesn’t like gelato?! It’s about 16-year-old Lina, who moves to Tuscany after her mother dies. And more travels ensue in Sarah Mlynowski’s The Girl’s Guide to Summer  (two friends backpack across Europe) and Jenny McLachlan’s Sunkissed (Kat’s family send her off to Sweden for the summer. Jealous.). As I’ve just come back from Stockholm and my next holiday abroad isn’t until October, I’ll be living vicariously through these characters!

Have you read any of these summery YA novels?

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  1. Love your pictures, Stacey! I’ve read When Dimple Met Rishi and it is so wonderful and adorable. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! I’ve not read the others but a few are already on my tbr! 🙂

  2. Everything Leads to You has such a beautiful cover! I plan to read We are Okay this month so I’ll see 😊😊

  3. When Dimple Met Rishi is absolutely adorable. I also really enjoyed Everything Leads to You when I read it a couple years back. Nina LaCour is such a wonderful writer, and I’m looking forward to reading We Are Okay as well.

  4. I also plan on reading Everything Leads to you by Nina Lacour. It sounds like it will be great summer read.

  5. These books all have the perfect summer covers! I’ve heard a lot of great things about When Dimple Met Rishi! By the way, that background you used is really cute!

    • When Dimple Met Rishi is my first read and it’s SO cute! I’m loving it! And thank you 🙂 It’s some wrapping paper that I couldn’t resist buying purely for photos…

  6. I’ve heard lots of great things about When Dimple Met Rishi so I’ll have to put it on my library holds list! I have Everything Leads To You on my bookshelf waiting for me, so perhaps I’ll finally pick it up this summer – it looks really cute, and I’ve been meaning to get to it for ages. I think in terms of summer reads though that I’m going to go back to my old tradition of rereading the Harry Potter series every summer, especially since this year there will be a Pottermore book club thing going on and a lot of other people will be rereading as well.

    • I’m *loving* When Dimple Met Rishi. Yes, that used to be tradition for me, too! I’d re-read the series before the next film came out.

  7. Really cool selection!

  8. Lovely selection!! I really wanna read Love & Gelato, When Dimple Met Rishi (that I hear everybody talking about) and Everything Leads to You! These are such great summer books! 😀

  9. Contemporary is a perfect beach read and since I am planning to actually take advantage of living so close to the beach, I need some good selection of light reads 🙂 Great Post!

  10. theeverybodies

    Oohh!! These all look so good!! I want to read all of them!

  11. Hi! I have tagged you in the Unpopular Bookish Opinions Tag, if you want to participate 🙂 (sorry if you’ve done this one already!).

  12. thelivingbooktree

    I have just bought Love & Gelato so I´m going to start it on Monday. So curious about it! 😀

  13. […] I went to Manchester over the early Bank Holiday and bought a copy of David Owen’s The Fallen Children. I’ve been on the look out for a teal copy (one of my all-time favourite colours), but in the end, I stuck with my trusty blue. If only we could choose the colours of our books all the time! It’s been described as a YA version of The Midwich Cuckoos and I can’t wait to read it. Knowing I’m onto summery contemporary reads, my lovely housemate Charlie gave me a copy of The Girl’s Guide to Summer, which I put straight onto my summer TBR. […]

  14. […] I cannot resist hype. I get really bad FOMO (I blame Twitter and Instagram) and so when I popped into a bookshop and saw When Dimple Met Rishi on a curated table, I couldn’t help but take it home with me. It had been all over the Twittersphere and so I had to see what I was missing out on. I already downloaded the eBook for review, but it’s just not the same, y’know? I love the cover, which shows a happy Dimple enjoying her iced coffee, and it looked like the perfect summer read – just what I wanted. […]

  15. […] Then We Ran wasn’t quite the summer road trip story I expected. It’s set in rainy, wintry Pembrokeshire, in the south west of […]

  16. […] Leads to You was the last of my summer reads and I chose it over We Are Okay, a story that sounds a lot sadder and darker – I’ll save it […]

  17. […] developed a love of travelling. I’m happy to report that YA has, too. This year’s summer reads have involved adventures and road trips, and One Italian Summer sounded like the perfect holiday […]

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