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I can’t listen to music and read a book. I can read for hours on a noisy train, tube or bus and never look up. But add noisy music with lyrics and/or TV into the mix? No chance. That is, until I discovered instrumental music. Here are a few playlists that I listen to when I fancy a soundtrack to my reading!

Peaceful Piano
This is my current favourite playlist, which I’ve had on repeat since Christmas. It’s a large playlist, with 143 songs on it for you to devour.

Listen to: Together We Will Live Forever, I Promise, Wanderlust, Comptine d’un autre été, l’après-midi.

The Theory of Everything OST

This is my favourite movie score at the moment, by Icelandic composer Jóhann Jóhannsson. I’ve listened to over 300 songs – it’s just stunning. I urge you to check out his other work, too.

Listen to: Camping, Epilogue, The Theory of Everything.

Piano + Strings

This was one of my favourite playlists for few years, previously called Piano Moods, but they changed the name recently and updated the songs. It’s still lovely, but I wish I’d made a copy before they removed some of my favourite songs from it!

Listen to: Atlantico, Islands, Arrival.

Like Crazy OST

I only discovered this score recently (despite having watched the movie a couple of years ago) when my friend Kara told me to check it out after chatting about our shared love of piano music.

Listen to: Arrivals, Fragile, We Move Lightly.

Piano in the Background

I haven’t listened to this new playlist very much yet (it was previously called Piano at Christmas), but it has some beautiful songs on it, enabling you to immerse yourself in your latest read.

Listen to: Pacific Sunrise, Debut, Lost and Found.

Bonus Songs

And lastly, two of my favourite songs that used to be on the Piano Moods playlist. They make me feel like my life is a movie. Perfect.


What do you listen to whilst reading?

13 thoughts on “Music To Read To

  1. Books 'n' Reviews Oh My

    I’ve been on the hunt for good songs to listen to while reading, and I’m excited to try these out! This post came at a perfect time 🙂 Great post!

  2. Love the idea for this post! You could do a series! Unfortunately, my easy-distractedness makes me a Pure Silence Girl, though…!

  3. I can listen to music and read either. I used to be able to… I could not have made it through college without being about to read, take notes, and listen to music/watch tv. I require silence now, and I like it both better and worse, haha. I’ve never thought of trying piano/instrumental music as a reading list. I’m going to try it… even mostly as a way to block out distractions so I can read even more! Thanks!

  4. There’s a list on Spotify called ‘music to read’ or maybe ‘musica para leer’ in Spanish. It’s very mellow.

    I wrote my entire Uni thesis listening to the Pride and Prejudice OST and the Lord of the Rings OST.

  5. I’m like you – I can’t have movies, musicals, or lyrics in the background. Sports are okay because I don’t pay attention to it, but voices in general if it’s not white noise like commuter or waiting rooms bother me. I listen to piano and violin. Symphonies I can’t because I start humming along (grew up listening to symphonies). Thanks for the playlist recs!!

  6. Oh my god! Thank you so much!!! I always listen to the same stuff and I was getting tired of it haha.

  7. I’ve been looking for some good reading/studying music thank you so much!!

  8. Concentration music playlist on Spotify is great for reading too!

  9. I’m with you – discovered Together, We Will Live Forever, and my current favourite, Nuvole Bianche on this playlist. Have favourited it for a while now, and I keep finding something new!

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