(Another) Little Tour of My Bookshelves

It’s been nearly a year since I last posted a little tour of my bookshelves, but I’ve been in a new place for five months now and thought I’d take a few photos of my new(er) bookshelves!

(Another) Little Tour of My Bookshelves

In my new room, I have two IKEA Billy bookcases. I love them to bits, mainly because I can actually see everything on them. I’ve left half of my books at my family home, so my bookshelves are mainly full of unread books (yeah, I know) and they’re getting pretty full already! I shelve young adult books on one bookcase. I haven’t read most of the books on the top two shelves but the third shelf is home to some of my favourites, including the Chaos Walking trilogy, When We CollidedThe Sky is Everywhere, Trouble and Ketchup Clouds.

(Another) Little Tour of My Bookshelves
And below, we have another three shelves full of YA, from hardbacks I want to re-read to unread books and proof copies. I love that I have space for all my little trinkets, such as the Harry Potter mug, bookish candles and my Sadness Funko Pop! I’ve never had much space because books used to be crammed into every available spot, but now I can make them pretty. It’s important to me because, if you took my bookshelves out of my room, there wouldn’t be much left to tell you about the person living there.

(Another) Little Tour of My Bookshelves
The second bookcase is where I keep children’s/middle grade and adult fiction. On the top, I have my Roald Dahl box set, which I’m slowly making my way through, and children’s hardbacks. I then have a shelf of middle grade books I want to read, and adult fiction starts on the third shelf, next to my prized husky (but to me he’ll always be a wolf).

(Another) Little Tour of My Bookshelves
On the last three shelves, I have more adult fiction, a mix of hardbacks and Penguin’s Great Food series, graphic novels and a small collection of DVDs – although I’m now able to re-watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix. Hooray!

(Another) Little Tour of My Bookshelves

And that’s it! They may not be as full as my other shelves, but they’re my favourites so far.

45 thoughts on “(Another) Little Tour of My Bookshelves

  1. I am secretly jealous of your Roald Dahl box set, haha. Your shelves look great.

  2. Your shelves and your whole setup look great, looking at bookshelves always makes me happy. 🙂 And it’s refreshing to see your little deco pieces like the mugs instead of a ton of funko pops.

  3. Wow that is a LOT of unread books! 😮 Good luck getting through those haha. That’s like a years worth of books right there!

    Your bookcases are so cute! And I love your desk set up 😀

    Jordon @ Simply Adrift

  4. entertainmentmaniac

    Your shelves look amazing! Enjoy Reading xD

  5. This is so pretty! Everything looks so organized and lovely. Have a good time reading 🙂

  6. Your bookshelves are so bright and organized! It feels fresh and clean and inviting 🙂 I’m so glad you have the space now to see all of your (mostly unread, mostly new 😉 ) books. I tend to feel somewhat claustrophobic if I see piles of books or double-stacks/double-spines. It’s as if we’re not giving these stories the space they need! Silly, I know…

    • Aww thanks Laura! And yeah, sad I had to leave my read books at home… I need another room! I used to triple stack and it really annoyed me as it took ages to find anything – and putting stuff back was a nightmare!

  7. Your shelves look so… tidy. And organised. *Sigh* Mine never stay this way, I’m so jealous! They look fab!

  8. Love the shelves! Not only the collection of books you own, and how you’ve organised them, but also how you’ve decorated them as well as the placement of them between the desk – I like symmetry!

    Your shelves feel very personable, if that makes sense.

  9. Beautiful shelves! I love all the white.

  10. What a great post idea, and beautiful book shelves to add! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  11. These are beautiful! I hope to fill my own shelves this much.

  12. dylanthereader

    Absolutly love your content!

  13. Your bookshelves look so pretty! Now I’m inspired to rearrange my books. And also, I’ve just started watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix and I’m enjoying it so far! 😀

  14. Tristan M. Pacic

    Your bookshelves are so neat!

  15. So pretty and neat. That’s why I’m a sucker for pretty covers. They sure make the book shelf look beautiful. Nice collection!

  16. I’m in love with this ❤

  17. Now that is a bookshelf!!!!

  18. It looks so beautiful x

  19. Your bookshelves look so pretty. Feeling urgent need to rearrange my bookshelves now…

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  21. My bookshelf is packed full. I need to get one like yours lol. Gorgeous shelves 🙂

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