Book Review: Am I Normal Yet? by Holly Bourne

Am I Normal Yet? by Holly Bourne

Series: Spinster Club (#1)
 Young adult fiction (contemporary)
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Am I Normal Yet? is a much loved UKYA novel that had been on my TBR since last summer. I heard such good things about it from the Twitterverse and couldn’t wait to get stuck in (I’d already bought the companion sequel, How Hard Can Love Be?).

I knew that Am I Normal Yet? was a story of teenage friendship, feminism, and mental health, so it was my first choice book to give out on World Book Night on April 23rd. I left copies on coffee shop tables and at bus stops for teenagers around my local community to pick up.

I read Am I Normal Yet? months after selecting it for World Book Night. After picking it up, I raced through the story and looked forward to sharing it with other people. I loved Holly Bourne’s lively Spinster Club – Evie, Amber and Lottie, three friends facing the tough world of being a teenage girl. Am I Normal Yet? is Evie’s story. She’s off to a new college after having a breakdown at her previous school due to her troubling OCD and anxiety. But she’s better now, right? Normal? She’s going to parties, taking less medication, and not washing her hands all the time… but life is complicated and recovery isn’t easy.

Am I Normal Yet? will be a welcome addition to any teenage (or not-so-teenage) girl’s bookshelves. If you feel at home on Twitter, the girls’ discussions on feminism may feel like conversations you’ve joined in with before. But if you’re a teenager who doesn’t have a group like this to turn to, it may be your first introduction. Am I Normal Yet? is tactfully told through Evie as she navigates the world of friends, boys, and school. We discover how difficult it is to tell what someone’s going through, even if you’re best friends with them, by following Evie’s Recovery Diary entries and trips to therapy – we’re with Evie the whole way and Holly Bourne shows us exactly what it’s like inside her head.

Am I Normal Yet? is a fresh young adult contemporary story that packs so many important things into one book. But it’s also about the fun friendship between the girls – and I’m ready for Amber’s story!

Published: August 2015
Publisher:  Usborne
Pages: 434

8 thoughts on “Book Review: Am I Normal Yet? by Holly Bourne

  1. I adored this book SO much! However, the sequel, wasn’t too fond of. It was good, it had great ideals and promoted feminism again too. The book itself in terms of enjoyment just fell flat. It was so slow. Very little happened, and the ending was where it started to get good. I hope the third book shows you don’t need a boyfriend, because I don’t like that promotion. The first book was SO good though, I think it just gave me unrealistic expectations for the second.

  2. Super interesting review! I’ve never heard of this book. Great info, going to have to check it out!

  3. This sounds great! Awesome review, has definitely bumped this book on to my TBR shelf 🙂

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