I haven’t had the chance to read it (although it’s on my “to read soon” TBR), but in Harriet Reuter Hapgood’s The Square Root of SummerGottie and Thomas bury a time capsule. Readers everywhere are being encouraged to share #ThisIsWhoIAm and five things that represent who they are now. Here’s my five!

I love pretty things
Even before I called my blog Pretty Books! I love pretty white furniture, decadent cakes, and patterned dresses. (I was so glad Macmillan kept the US cover for The Square Root of Summer!). I always keep my room and work area pretty and neat and tidy – it’s just what I do!

I’m a fan of Taylor Swift
I’ve listened to Ms. Swift since 2008 and even though music does not define me as much as it used to (I wrote my university dissertation on music, fandom, and identity), I’m still fiercely protective of the musicians I listen to – especially Taylor Swift!

I eat all kinds of food
Aside from talking about books, reading books, and attending book events, I spend most of my time talking about food, eating food, and going out for food. I’m a little bit of a foodie and it’s probably the thing I spend most of my money on outside of bills.

I read books
I never thought books would become such a huge part of my life before I left university, but now they dominate it. Books brought me my career, my hobbies, and my friends. I really do not know who I’d be without the world of books (although I really ought to find out). I love immersing myself in someone else’s creation, whether that’s young adult, children’s, fiction or classics.

I love blue
Blue has been my favourite colour ever since I discovered that I didn’t have to like pink. My friends will tell you that most of my clothes and accessories are blue, from baby blue to dark navy. If it comes in blue, I’ll probably buy it. You can never have too many blue things.


4 thoughts on “#ThisIsWhoIAm

  1. Oh, I liked this!

    You’re a fan of Taylor Swift? I had no idea 😉 Some of my favorite posts of yours are your music + book collab ones, and it makes me smile when you work Swift into them.

    “…it’s probably the thing I spend most of my money on outside of bills.” <– Preach. Bills are always the top, unfortunately, but it's great to have something else to throw your love and enthusiasm into. Have you thought about doing a books + food post? Like…if a character could be food, what would they be — or even, what would this character's favorite restaurant be and why?

    "You can never have too many blue things." YES. Agreed.

    • I love books and food! I know there’s a few blogs who create recipes based on food in books. I shall have a think about some foodie posts! (I should do more non-bookish ones, anyway!).

  2. Hi!

    I didn’t know that you can write an university dissertation on fandoms?! That’s so awesome 😀
    I love blue! My fav colour 🙂
    Your post is really nice!
    Also, totally had the same experience with books! They brought so much good into my life!
    xoxo Lea

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