6 Best Bookish Tumblrs

Now we’re in the world of Bookstagram (i.e. the book community on Instagram), people may forget that Tumblr is home to hundreds of thousands of book lovers. I run a Tumblr book blog (or Booklr) and follow over 1000 blogs. Here are 6 of my favourites!

8 Best Bookish Tumblrspaperbackcastles
Rikke lives in Denmark and works in publishing. She writes in Danish on her blog and posts book photography on her Tumblr. All her photos are stunning; I can always tell it’s her photo before I check. She reads widely and owns beautiful editions of books, particularly classics.

8 Best Bookish Tumblrswindblownpages
Anne Nikoline is friends with Rikke and has an equally as beautiful style of photography. Like Rikke, she runs both a written blog and a Tumblr. I’d love to get tips from them both as they always achieve perfect lighting and angles.

8 Best Bookish Tumblrstilly-and-her-books
Tilly is an Australian blogger and once you follow her Tumblr, you’ll get serious personal library envy. We have a similar taste in books and so I’m always reblogging her photos. And she has a tiny goat.

8 Best Bookish Tumblrspollyandbooks
Polly is a fellow British book blogger and I often find myself reblogging the bookish photos she takes herself as well as the ones she curates on her Tumblr.

8 Best Bookish Tumblrsbibliolectors
Sàlvia is a Spanish blogger who feeds my love of illustration. If I had any artistic talent, my dream job would be a children’s books illustrator. She shares wonderful pictures of books, reading, libraries and bookstores. (Illustrations above by Richard Scarry, Lisa Anchin, and Teresa Wiles).

8 Best Bookish Tumblrs
Ursula is also popular on Instagram, but I have been following her Tumblr for ages. She’s an instant reblog for me because her photos are always incredibly creative and artistic.

What are your favourite book blogs on Tumblr?

20 thoughts on “6 Best Bookish Tumblrs

  1. Ooo, thank you so much for all these great Booklr recommendations. I love Tilly’s ADSOM pic. I really need to use my Tumblr account more.

  2. I love Tumblr and especially bookish Tumblrs /booklrs! I follow some, however my blog as since moved into a studyblr as of late.

  3. Yes, thanks for this list.
    I”m trying to build a stronger presence on Tumblr, but am having a hard time. It seems a book blog will be more successful on Tumblr if it Tumblr is the main platform. It’s understandable. The best I can do now is follow all the best blogs.

  4. I really like your blog! Check out my blog…

  5. A Reading Rapture

    These accounts are really nice, I don’t usually go on tumblr but I may have just been inspired to

  6. Great recommendations! I feel like following all of them!

  7. Omg I can see myself losing the rest of my evening to these…

  8. I love tumblr and I think next to instagram, tumblr is the place to be for the best visual bookish content and I just love seeing all of their creations and it makes it wish I was a little bit more artistic haha.

    • It definitely is, although much more under-appreciated I feel. It’s always been (well, for the past 6 years) my place to go for visual bookish content.

  9. I absolutely love tilly-and-her-books! Her recommendations are fantastic and I just love how she talks about books! Her excitement for certain titles is really contagious, lol. Great recommendations, Stacey! Also, have you checked out Becki at thebooker.tumblr.com? Her recommendations – especially her historical fiction ones – are super solid. 🙂

  10. These are perfect! Thank you for these gems!

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