Mini Reviews: World Book Day 2016

Mini Reviews: World Book Day 2016 Books
I had a lot of fun on World Book Day! I work for National Book Tokens, the official sponsor of World Book Day. I spent the day on social media (we were trending!), revealed your top ten heroes, villains and future classics in children’s books, and in the evening, I helped out with TeenFest. One of my favourite things about the annual celebration is the books. Every year, short stories go on sale for £1 and this year I read four. Here are my thoughts!

The Great Mouse Plot by Roald Dahl and illustrated by Quentin Blake
8-year-old Roald Dahl loves sweets. He loves liquorice and sherbet and every other wonderful delight found in the sweetshop he passes on the way to school. But one day, with his best friends, he decides to do something a little cheeky. He plays a mean trick on the nefarious old shop owner and puts a dead mouse her jar of gobstoppers. The Great Mouse Plot was a delightful short story about young Dahl. I’m loving working my way through my Roald Dahl box set and this made me want to pick up Boy: Tales of Childhood even more!

Kindred Spirits by Rainbow Rowell
Elena has loved Star Wars since she was a child. Her friends aren’t super fans, but she is determined to join the cinema queue and count down the days until Star Wars: The Force Awakens is released. She’s expecting hundreds of fans – it’s the biggest movie of the year after all – but she only meets Troy and Gabe. Kindred Spirits is a delightful story about new friendship and fandom. It has many fun moments – from Elena desperately needing to pee (Gabe to the rescue!) to being quizzed on her favourite characters – that’ll delight any fan. It’s super adorable – but perhaps watch Star Wars first!

Harper and the Sea of Secrets by Cerrie Burnell and illustrated by Laura Ellen Anderson
I adored Harper and the Scarlet Umbrella so was very excited to see this World Book Day story! In this short adventure, Harper travels to the City of Gulls (in the Scarlet Umbrella, of course!) to help send musical instruments to the Songs of the Sea festival. It was as charming and as a stunningly illustrated as ever. Harper is beautifully accompanied by her new best friends Liesel, Ferdie and Nate – and not forgetting the Smoke the Wolf and Midnight the Cat. Harper is definitely one of my favourite young children’s series. It was an utter delight, as expected. I’m now ready for Harper and the Circus of Dreams!

Spot the Difference by Juno Dawson
Avery has always suffered from severe acne and everyone seems to hate her for it, except her close family and best friend, who have always been supportive. But when Avery manages to persuade her parents to let her try a miracle cure, it changes more than her skin. Suddenly part of the A-List, the most popular teenagers in school, she’s not sure whether is the best place for her. Spot the Difference is another fun contemporary story from Juno Dawson, full of teenagers with attitude, amazing best friends, and messages about being yourself.

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  1. I had to recite The Great Mouse Plot, by heart, for an elocution exam when I was about ten. I still love it!

  2. You have such a fun job!!

    Our Book Day is different than yours, it’s in June, so we didn’t do anything last week; but I saw so many tweets about it (especially kids dressed as characters from books I love). I really want to read Kindred Spirits, I should look for it. I’ve only bought one Book Day special before, Odd and the Frost Giants by Neil Gaiman.

  3. Lots of fun, happy books there!

  4. Hi! I really enjoyed your short, straight-forward book reviews. Nice job!

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