From My Bookshelves / Graphic Novels

From My Bookshelves / Graphic Novels

It’s unsurprising that I’ve been curious about graphic novels over the past few years: it’s quite satisfying to read a book in a day and I love stories with illustrations. Here’s a selection of graphic novels I have read, graphic novels on my ‘to be read’ pile, and graphic novels on my wishlist.

From My Bookshelves / Graphic Novels
As I adore young adult books, I’m particularly drawn to these types of visual stories. I read teen graphic novels This One Summer and Friends With Boys over the summer and I’d love to see more published. I’ve also delved into graphic memoirs, from hilarious and relatable anecdotes in Hyperbole and a Half and mouthwatering stories and recipes in Relish to charming illustrations in Isobel’s Journal. Graphic novels are such a wonderful way to tell the story of someone’s life and so I really wish more contemporary graphic novels existed.

I also went a little outside my comfort zone and was thrilled to enjoy the dark and stormy stories in Through the Woods and the popular Scott Pilgrim. One of the most famous graphic novels I’ve read is Maus, the incredible story of the Holocaust. It’s one I’d always suggest to anyone looking to get into reading them, especially fans of history. I’ve loved curling up with each of them, savouring the words and pictures. (I do have to keep reminding myself to look at the pictures, though!). And, in school, my teenage self loved the dark humour in Squee’s Wonderful Giant Book of Unspeakable Horrors, Lenore, and Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. I’m a bit more squeamish now!

From My Bookshelves / Graphic Novels
I visited my local library this week and picked up six graphic novels. (It’s one of my favourite things about libraries). I picked up Coraline, Blankets, El Deafo, Phonogram, Vol 2: The Singles Club, The Property, and Ghost World. A few I was looking for, a few are new to me. I particularly love the colourful and modern artwork in both El Deafo and Phonogram: The Singles Club. Blankets – about first romance and growing up – has been on my wishlist for years. It’s such a diverse selection and I cannot wait to get stuck in. I also already own The Graveyard Book, Dark Satanic Mills, and Lumberjanes. I attended an event with Noelle Stevenson last year and Lumberjanes is high up on my list!

From My Bookshelves / Graphic Novels
Daphne knows I love contemporary graphic novels and has loaned me individual issues of Giant Days and Archie. I can’t wait to read all the volumes – they’re so fun! I’d also love to read Seconds, Lost at Sea, Anya’s Ghost, Winter Town, The Encyclopedia of Early Earth, and Nimona. I love anything with bright and vivid illustrations and about coming of age. As I’m a big fan of Lucy’s Knisley’s graphic memoir, Relish, I also want to check out her other books: An Age of License: A Travelogue and French Milk. I find it really difficult to discover graphic novels, so any recommendations are welcome! I occasionally love to browse Gosh! and Orbital Comics, too, and I’m hoping to read many more graphic novels in the future!

What are your favourite graphic novels?

From My Bookshelves / Graphic NovelsFrom My Bookshelves / Graphic NovelsFrom My Bookshelves / Graphic NovelsFrom My Bookshelves / Graphic NovelsFrom My Bookshelves / Graphic NovelsFrom My Bookshelves / Graphic Novels

42 thoughts on “From My Bookshelves / Graphic Novels

  1. I’ve actually never read a graphic novel, and that makes me sad! I want to start though, I just need to find something I’ll be interested in 🙂 I might check out some of the ones you’ve read!

  2. I recently discovered Rat Queens and I love it! Thanks for this post I’m looking for more graphic novels/comics to read 🙂

  3. Great list, I really want to read some of these. I’m more a fan of the superhero comics, but I did read ‘The New Ghost’ by Robert Hunter. It was sweet and beautiful. I thought it was going to be too short, thought it proved that it was just the right length to tell this story.

  4. I like the Humble Bundle comic deals, it’s a good way to sample a lot and because it’s pay what you want, it doesn’t matter so much if you don’t get into them. I found Saga this way. It helps if you have a tablet to read them on though.

  5. This is a lovely post!
    I really want to read Hyperbole and a half as it seems really fun!

  6. Lovely post!

    I really enjoyed Lumberjanes, and the volumes of Rat Queens I’ve read. Relish is a graphic novel I’ve been wanting for a while, I just never get around to buying it. I think it’s because I have no clue what to expect from it?

    • Relish is one of my favourites! If you click the name, it goes to my review. It’s essentially lots of short stories about Lucy’s life and her relationship with food and eating – her chef mother, living and eating abroad, her favourite food and why she loves food, little recipes. It’s more of a graphic memoir than a novel but it’s really lovely!

  7. I can’t say I’ve read many graphic novels as such but in 2015 I read a bunch of comics which were AMAZING. Mainly Saga. Because Saga. The story unbelievably incredible and the art.. OH MY GOD THE ART is from another world. I would love to read Nimona! I keep putting off reading it because I’m a terrible person but I will definitely get around to reading it! 😀
    Lovely blog by the way! xx

  8. I think I might start reading graphic novels and thank you for the recommendations!

  9. I’ve only read one graphic novel and was amazed at the quality of the pictures. However as I love to read with my mind I stick to the more traditional format of books.

    Katie |

  10. “Blankets” will give you all kinds of feels. I’m a sucker for graphic novels with an “I got a case of the feels” vibe, so I strongly recommend “Three shadows” by Cyril Pedrosa or “Daytripper” by Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá.

    And I’m dying to read “Nimona”, but it’s so expensive in my country I’ll probably try the ebook.

  11. I’m trying to learn to like graphic novels, but it’s not an easy thing for me. I’ve only read a few. Of the ones you’ve mentioned here I’ve read French Milk and El Deafo. I do really like the cover of This One Summer though and am intrigued enough to seek it out I think. I’ve just got some Raina Telgemeier titles – Smile and Drama for my TBR.

    • I think it takes a bit of getting used to as the reading is quite different from novels! If you’re interested in history, I’d suggest Maus as it’s more detailed than most graphic novels.

  12. If you end up liking Ghost World, check out Black Hole by the same author. He’s got a unique voice, if a little weird, and I enjoyed it. Anya’s Ghost is so gooooood! Hyperbole and a Half is one of my all time favorites.

  13. this is so cool!! i normally don’t read graphic novels, but this seems like a pretty comprehensive list to explore! thank you for the recommendations!

  14. Hi ! I just wanted to inform you that I nominated you for the Liebster award, here it is:

  15. I got This Ones Summer and Anya’s Ghost for Christmas and can’t wait to read them. Hope you enjoy Lost at Sea: that and Through the Woods are two of my favourites.

  16. I love Raina Telgemeier’s books! Do you like them?

  17. Hi,
    great list with some unknown books i will check out.

    my recommandations for you:

    blankets and habibbi (obviously)
    paul had a summer job (great coming of age story of a lost summer love and the years to come)
    daytripper (how little choices in life can make big differences)
    blue is the warmest colour (about a heartbreaking lesbian love, it has a great movie adaptation too, la vie d’adele)
    essex county (a trilogie by canadian jeff lemire. his art is incredible and essex county is a blast you will never forget)
    i never liked you (i’m not a big Chester brown fan but this book is an awesome trip)
    Asterios Polyp (mindblowing, has some awesome ideas and graphic wits about all that life has to offer)
    5 cm per second (a bit more manga but a oneshot and maybe the best love story ever)

    i’m looking forward of hearing your opinion of one or more of these books 🙂

  18. If you liked Ghost World, I’d recommend David Boring by the same author.

  19. […] borrowed a bunch of graphic novels from the library (read all about that here) and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting stuck into them. Here are my […]

  20. Out of all the graphic novels I have read, Blankets has been my favorite. If you are looking for more graphic novel suggestions, I would recommend Persepolis.

  21. Ey, there. I recently discovered this page as I was looking for reviews about This one summer. I love your page, btw. About the graphic novels I would recommend Persepolis, which is just as good as Maus, and also shorter ones like Alena and Wytches. Blue is the warmest color is also one of my favorites.

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