Glossybox Unboxing

Glossybox Unboxing

It’s time for another A Break from Books post! I’ve unboxed my Degustabox and Illumicrate and this time I’ll be chatting about Glossybox.

Glossybox is a monthly subscription box full of beauty products. It’s not something that would usually appeal to me because I rarely wear makeup, but I’ve really enjoy receiving them over the past few months. I always look forward to opening the boxes because I know there’s going to be lots of lovely non-makeup products in there!

Glossybox Unboxing
Glossybox UnboxingGlossybox Unboxing

I won’t talk about everything, but just some of my favourite things. I love the Talika Photo-Hydra Day moisturiser,  Lanolips 101 Ointment and Royal Apothic Body Lotion. I carry the lip balm with me every day! I’ve also been using the So Susan Haute Light Highlighting Pencil. I’ll be honest and admit I don’t exactly know what it’s for, but I’ve been using it to cover dark circles under my eyes. I also really love the Invisibobble hairbands and have been using them after washing my hair as it doesn’t damage it, and the Nails Inc. nail polish in a bluish pink shade, perfect for work. The Maria Nila Luminous Colour Hair Masque makes my hair soft, even though I don’t use hair dye. And lastly, I’ve been wanting to try red lipstick for a while and now I have Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick in the shade Fire and Ice!

Glossybox UnboxingGlossybox Unboxing

I also really love the boxes themselves! I’ve received two pink ones and a Style Edition box so far. I use one to store pens and pencils, one to store Glossybox products and I gave one away. It’s a festive box this month and mine is on its way to me now – I can’t wait to see it!

Glossybox UnboxingGlossybox Unboxing

It would be great to have a no-make up option for people like me who don’t really wear make up but still enjoy lovely things. I would love to receive soaps, bath bombs, shower gels, hair bands, nail polish, moisturisers and more, but I’m still going to continue to receive Glossybox for now.

If you’d like to try Glossybox for £10 (plus p&p), head over to their website.

2 thoughts on “Glossybox Unboxing

  1. I’ve heard some lovely things about Glossybox! I am a huge fan of makeup, and before my dream of becoming an author came up and consumed me, I wanted to be a makeup artist. I still do makeup on my friends and people on special occasions though!
    But I’m very obsessed with skincare, so just like you, I’d like to know if there’s a box out there for people who don’t want makeup included! 😊

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