Bookish Things: Klevercase

Bookish Things: Klevercase

KleverCase make beautiful bookish cases for devices of all kinds. A few weeks ago, they got in touch to ask if I wanted to take some photos of their cases for Instagram. I picked some to take photos of, but I also wanted to talk about them here on Pretty Books. I picked two iPad Mini cases and an iPhone case, both of which I adore. Here’s a little bit about them!

Bookish Things: Klevercase
I chose a beautiful case that looks like a vintage book. I’ve always admired these kinds of covers, but never had one myself until now. It looks lovely on my bookcase, which is where I store my iPad when I’m not using it!

Bookish Things: Klevercase
I also picked out a custom case. I love that you can pick which book you want it to be! I chose Jane Eyre, one of my favourite classics. I also featured one of my favourite bookish quotes on the inside: Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them. I really like this little touch and unfortunately I forgot to put it in my other one! This case was originally going to be for me, but a family member liked it so much that she’s taken it off me to use on the iPad she’s going to treat herself to!

Bookish Things: Klevercase
And lastly, I chose this wonderful brown leather iPhone case, which is personalised with my initials in gold. It’s much nicer than my previous one and I keep getting loads of compliments! (It also smells really nice…).

And that’s it! If you want your own bookish case, KleverCase has provided a 20% off code for Pretty Books followers: KLEVER20

Do you have any bookish accessories like this?

Bookish Things: KlevercaseBookish Things: KlevercaseBookish Things: Klevercase

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  1. The brown book case looks great. 🙂

  2. These look absolutely gorgeous!!! Just such a wonderful idea!!

  3. wow these look amazing!! Lovely photography by the way…

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