Adults Love Colouring Too! (Plus win a set of #ColourMeMindful books)

Adults Love Colouring Too! (Plus win a set of #ColourMeMindful books)

I am the sort of person who enjoys colouring within the lines. I try to keep colours realistic… until I get bored, and then a tree will become blue and the sun will turn red. I use both colouring pencils and pens, but I find pens much more satisfying – I love bursts of colour! I remember when I first heard about colouring books for adults. I was in a publishing meeting with an online bookshop and my manager was discussing which of our books would be suitable for their customers, and the book buyer mentioned that adult colouring books were doing particularly well. I’d never heard of such a thing, but I looked them up as soon as I got home…

Adults Love Colouring Too! (Plus win a set of #ColourMeMindful books)

Moving on a couple of years, I was excited when Orion Books got in touch to offer me three of their upcoming colour books for adults: Colour Me Mindful: Birds, Tropical & Underwater created by illustrator Anastasia Catris, publishing on 30th July. Armed with plenty of stationery and Netflix, I got to work…

Adults Love Colouring Too! (Plus win a set of #ColourMeMindful books)Adults Love Colouring Too! (Plus win a set of #ColourMeMindful books)

Many adult colouring books only offer flowers and/or patterns to colour in – although this is changing! – and that gets a little boring after a while, but the Colour Me Mindful books provide an abundance of birds, sea life, plants and animals to get creative with.

Adults Love Colouring Too! (Plus win a set of #ColourMeMindful books)Adults Love Colouring Too! (Plus win a set of #ColourMeMindful books)
They’re a lovely addition to my (small) collection of colouring books. And I don’t just stick to colouring books aimed at adults! Did you say ‘stickers’?

Adults Love Colouring Too! (Plus win a set of #ColourMeMindful books)

I have zero artistic talent. I cannot draw. I cannot create digital art, paint or doodle (although I recently bought a sketchbook to try to rectify that, inspired by new Children’s Laureate Chris Riddell), so colouring (and my camera) is the next best thing – for now!


Win a set of Colour Me Mindful books!

Orion Books has kindly offered to give one set of Colour Me Mindful books to one lucky Pretty Books follower!

How to Enter

  • Let me know in the comments which Colour Me Mindful book – Birds, Tropical or Underwater – you’re most excited about getting stuck into (although you’ll receive all three!)
  • Open to UK & Ireland residents only
  • Giveaway starts Thursday 16th July at 9am BST (now!)
  • Giveaway ends Saturday 25th July at 8pm BST
  • One winner will be picked at random to win a set of three Colour Me Mindful books: Birds, Tropical & Underwater
  • Make sure there’s a way for me to contact you (via Twitter, your blog/Tumblr, via email, etc!)

Adults Love Colouring Too! (Plus win a set of #ColourMeMindful books)Adults Love Colouring Too! (Plus win a set of #ColourMeMindful books)
Adults Love Colouring Too! (Plus win a set of #ColourMeMindful books)Adults Love Colouring Too! (Plus win a set of #ColourMeMindful books)

49 thoughts on “Adults Love Colouring Too! (Plus win a set of #ColourMeMindful books)

  1. Nice giveaway!! Since I live in the Netherlands I can’t enter.. Goodluck everyone!!!

    I will try to order the books myself.

  2. ooooo they all look beautiful, I am most excited about the underwater one though 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win! –

    • They are all gorgous!
      The birds book would compliment the bird reclinet, lamp and pictures I have. Tweet tweet!

  3. I love the mindlessness and escapism of colouring in – plus I get to be a child armed with crayons again! I like to be a bit more imaginative with my choice of colours too and the tropical one would really let me go crazy! Brilliant comp!

  4. I think I’m most excited about the Bird colouring book. There would be so many opportunities to be colourful!

  5. In LOVE colouring and I have one of these colouring books, but from a different brand I think. It’s such an amazing thing to do to de-stress and to just step into a blank state of mind for a while!

  6. Love the look of all of them, but I’d love to get stuck into the birds one the most.

  7. I love the look of the Tropical Book, that parrot just begs to be coloured in. Colouring in books for aduls is such a wonderful idea.

  8. cambridgetheologian

    These look great – and far more fun that the mandala-type adult colouring books! The bird one is probably my fave. My Dad’s a birdwatcher so I have an innate love of birds!


  9. The underwater one looks particularly brilliant! I’m on Twitter as @storyseekersuk 🙂

  10. These look amazing!!! Thank you (and Orion) for the chance to win. Would get stuck in the tropical one first!

    Love drawing but never find the time to be creative anymore!

    My blog is: a literary mind
    Twitter is: @parastoukhiaban

    Thanks again and good luck everyone!

  11. Thank you so much for reviewing and featuring my books! I love your colouring in so far, it is really beautiful. Good luck to everyone in the competition! Don’t worry, this isn’t me entering ;P Just saying thanks x

  12. I’m not in the UK/Ireland, but I just wanted to say how much I love the adult coloring book trend — and these books are lovely!

  13. Oooh, these colouring books look awesome! I think I would most look forward to the Underwater colouring book – I just love fish! Thanks for the giveaway, Stacey!

    @JoanneStapley on Twitter or onceuponabookcase[at]gmail[dot]com 🙂

  14. Most excited about birds, cause birds are excellent. (But also, yay, colouring.) You can reach me via lizdraws at gmail dot com. Cheers 🙂

  15. The Underwater one is stunning 🙂 I soo need these to relax a bit! You can contact me at

  16. They all look fab – I would get stuck into the underwater one first – that turtle is just begging to be coloured in!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    (Tumblr: a-book-junkie)

  17. Wow this is amazing 🙂 I think the tropical (eee frogs) one sounds the best, but they all look so much fun! My tumblr is elefantasies. Thank youuu

  18. Oh my gosh I need to get me some of these! The bird one is awesome I’d love to get stuck into that! tumblr – danishbiscuits

  19. Have you seen the Colourfy app? It’s colouring for adults too, so thereaputic!
    Tropical for me though, looks lovely. My Twitter, and tumblr, are ‘Jeyssika’ 🙂

  20. I would love to do the tropical one first because it would use a diffferent variety of colours. if you can’t contact me through my blog

  21. Oh man, they all look phenom– but I think I’d dive right into the underwater one! 🙂

    (twitter: @erameline)

  22. Darn! I live in the United States so I can’t participate. These coloring books look like sooo much fun!

  23. I love these, I’ve seen them floating around the internet for a while now but haven’t snapped one up myself. Think I prefer the tropical one, but the underwater looks gorgeous too.
    I’m shanalah on twitter and tumblr 🙂

  24. Ooh, these look awesome! I think I’m particularly drawn to the Underwater one. You can make fishes and sea creatures as bright as you want and they won’t look silly!


  25. What a great post! I wasn’t sure about adult colouring books until I read this but now I want to go out and buy them all!

    Underwater definitely looks the best!

  26. I am so excited about the tropical so many lovely bright and vibrant colours I could use on it.

  27. blondematilda

    Like you I don’t seem to have any artistic talent (yet!) but I love colouring in books, I’m working my way through Secret Garden at the moment – and it’s amazing how many of my colleagues have bought adult colouring books as a way to de-stress! These ones look really good, I’d like the bird one best! Georgina @glcarter xx

  28. I bought my first “adult” colouring book this year. It is such a nice way to de-stress and relax. I’d be most excited to get stuck into the Underwater colouring book.
    I must keep an eye out for them!

    Tumblr – odetoajellytot

  29. I bought the gorgeous book of colouring in for grown ups and I’m loving how it de stresses me. I really like the look of the underwater book although they all look fantastic (@thistle1986 on Twitter)

  30. I LOVE colouring books. I’m going to sound like a total hipster, but I started buying colouring books early last year as a way of calming myself down after stressful days at work. I haven’t got any of these, though! I’d love to get a hold of the Tropical one, though your turtle looks so pretty, too!!! (Just in case, I’m @dani_reviews on Twitter…)

  31. Tropical looks so peaceful, the swirls of the vines makes me calm 🙂

  32. The tropical one looks amazing. I love these grown up colouring books, so relaxing!

  33. Beautiful colouring books, such a lovely thing to focus on while being mindful – they need to be added to my collection – especially the under water one, that turtle is beautiful, what a wonderful thing to be mindful of.


  35. I really like the look of the bird one. 🙂

  36. Wow, fab competition! I think I’d PROBABLY go for the underwater one because I’ve seen lots of gorgeous pics on Twitter and I think that it seems like slightly more have been from that one than from the others – but they really all do look amazing!

  37. These are gorgeous – I’m most drawn to the underwater one though I think, and even my other half would be drawn in by that one! (He studied marine biology at uni). I bought my first colouring book recently (Enchanted Forest) and have been loving it – it’s especially great for when the tv is on, because normally I try to do things on my laptop when we’re watching tv instead of relaxing – colouring keeps my hands busy but is still relaxing!

  38. Libby Whitehouse

    Beautiful books! Most excited about the Tropical one 🙂

  39. I’d definitely get stuck in with the underwater one, as there are no birds on the cover!

  40. Oh wow, these are all so pretty! I keep seeing the other one (I think it was the Secret Garden one) everywhere and all my friends loved it. I loved colouring as a kid – and I love to draw as well – so I’ll definitely need to give them a try!

    I love all three books but I’d probably go for the tropical one. 🙂 Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  41. I love these and I find colouring so relaxing. Definitely most excited about the bird one! 🙂

  42. Elizabeth cooledge

    Love these, look so cool. I would love to try the underwater one 🙂 Twitter @lizbassist

  43. Beverley Marsh

    I’d love to get stuck into the Underwater book. Fantastic prize! 🙂

  44. Gosh I could do with one of these right now…moved to London for two months, living out of a suitcase and learning the ropes of publishing from the not so glamorous role of the intern. Tough but loving it! Just trying to keep my head above water so if you’ll pardon the pun I will pick the underwater one as my favourite. Fingers crossed!

  45. Love, love, love colouring and spend hours with my niece & nephew doing just that! Think I’m most excited about the underwater version thanks to a fascination with sea creatures.

    Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  46. Thank you to everyone who entered! This giveaway has now ended and the winner has been chosen.

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