Book Review: Remix by Non Pratt

Book Review: Remix by Non Pratt

Shelved: Young adult fiction (contemporary)
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As many of you know (because I don’t stop talking about it), Non Pratt’s Trouble is one of my favourite UKYA books. I praised it for being “brilliantly written” and “wonderfully authentic and realistic”. You’ll be happy to hear that Remix is no less so. Kaz and Ruby are two best mates who have stood by each other through some tough times, so when they’re given two tickets to the hottest festival of the summer, they know they’re about to have fun they deserve. But add alcohol, ex-boyfriends and a whole bunch of lies into the mix and you get the messy world of teenage friendships.

As expected from a novel by Non Pratt, Remix gives us two witty and relatable female characters. I’ve mentioned before how frustrating it is when you’re unable to distinguish between characters when reading novels with multiple perspectives. In Remix, both personalities shine through so much that you see how the two friends change over the course of the manic festival weekend. Kaz and Ruby are two very different but equally as colourful and vivid characters, and through Non Pratt’s signature short-style chapters, we’re able to see how these two best friends feel about each other, even if they are sometimes unable to show it to each other.

It would shock many of my school friends to hear that I now rarely listen to music. Unless it’s Taylor Swift, I just do not connect. Music used to be what I would turn to in every situation and even now, when I listen to bands and artists that appeared on my playlists 10 years ago, so many memories come back to me. But I’ve never been to a proper festival, so I loved Remix for taking me there. It’s a stunning setting, one with so much energy that you fly though the story in a flurry of emotions, and not just surrounding our two lead characters. Remix introduces us to a brilliant line-up of supporting artists, from new boys and new friends to rocky ex-boyfriends and misunderstood siblings. It shows us that there’s no right way to grow up. Remix is about making mistakes (and maybe telling lies) while learning to forgive both ourselves and those we love.

Remix is another brilliant young adult novel that withholds judgement on even the trickiest situations that our young teenage protagonists find themselves in. It’ll having you opening up Spotify and looking for a new band to jump around to in no time!

Published: 4th June 2015
Publisher: Walker Books (UK) Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers (US)
Pages: 304
Source: Thank you to the publisher for providing this book for review!

5 thoughts on “Book Review: Remix by Non Pratt

  1. Your line about Non Pratt withholding judgement is so spot on!

  2. Great review! I agree with you about Remix – the two voices are very distinct and it was a fun (and moving) read. I loved how the characters were all quite flawed, they felt very real. I’ve never been to a big festival (can’t handle big crowds) so I enjoyed experiencing one through the pages of a book. Trouble is high on my TBR list 🙂

  3. Great review, Stacey! I loved Trouble, too, and I now definitely can’t wait to get my hands on Remix!

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