2015 Classics Challenge

2015 Classics Challenge
I’ve really enjoyed reading more classics over the past three years. I have read 33 ‘classic’ books for the challenge, which is more than I had read in my entire lifetime before I started the challenge. I do tend to stretch the meaning of ‘classic’. I’ve read Roald Dahl and Judy Blume alongside Charlotte Brontë and Frances Hodgson Burnett. I’ve read non-fiction alongside children’s classics.

I am continuing with the Classics Challenge this year, alongside the 50 Book Challenge – and I’d love for you to join me! Your task is to simply read one classic book per month in 2015 and (if you want to) blog or vlog about your experience. If you’re on Tumblr, tag your posts with #2015 Classics Challenge and on Twitter without the spaces. You can see the classics I read in 2012 here, 2013 here and 2014 here. I’ll also link to each book ‘review’ I write this year below. I have a ‘classics’ shelf on Goodreads, which should help me decide what to pick up next!

This year, I was inspired by So Obsessed With and Belle of the Literati (who host the Re-Read Challenge 2015) to come up with a list of questions for you to answer as you post about each classic. If you would prefer to write fewer book reviews this year, this is perfect for you!

WHEN I Discovered This Classic
WHY I Chose to Read It
WHAT Makes It A Classic
WHAT I Thought of This Classic
WILL It Stay A Classic
WHO I’d Recommend It To

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Add your name (and blog or YouTube channel) and see who else is participating by clicking the above link!

So, You Don't Read Classics?Go to my ‘So, You Don’t Read Classics?’ post for recommendations!

Classics Read in 2015

Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen
You voted for me to read Northanger Abbey (38.6% of the vote) in January!
★★★ • Goodreads • Buy

The Wolves of Willoughby Chase by Joan Aiken
★★★★ • Goodreads • Buy

The Chrysalids by John Wyndham
★★★ • Goodreads • Buy

The Yellow Wall-Paper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman
★★★★ • Goodreads • Buy

Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë
★★★ •
Goodreads • Buy

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
★★★★★ • Goodreads • Buy

Forever by Judy Blume
★★★ • Goodreads • Buy

Jamaica Inn by Daphne du Maurier
★★★ • Goodreads • Buy

Danny The Champion of the World by Roald Dahl
★★★★ • Goodreads • Buy

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith
★★★★★• Goodreads • Buy

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

★★ • Goodreads • Buy

The Hundred and One Dalmatians by Dodie Smith
You voted for me to read The Hundred and One Dalmatians (27.32% of the vote) in December!
★★★★ • GoodreadsBuy

102 thoughts on “2015 Classics Challenge

  1. I’d be tempted to do it but 2015 is going to be so chaotic for me I don’t think I can commit to any challenges 😦

    Northanger Abbey ftw!

  2. I love this challenge! I just added myself to the list, and I am so excited to participate. I’ve just recently started adding classics to my regular (fluffy) reading, and I’m really enjoying them!

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  4. I would love to join but I really don’t know if I can commit. I’m afraid I would give up some books a few pages in. I can’t really force myself to continue reading when I don’t enjoy it.

    • You definitely don’t want to read books that are a chore! If you take a broad approach to classics though, you can find plenty of diversity – children’s classics, science fiction, etc.

  5. Classics are always hard for me to read just because they’re usually a lot denser and require more concentration on my part but I always make a vow each year to read more. It doesn’t often work out but why not try it again? I was going to make it one of my bookish goals again this year so this challenge sorta came at the best possible time. Excited for this challenge! I have soooo many classics on my TBR that I want to get to and there isn’t a better time to get to them than now!

    • It’s definitely worth trying children’s classics or modern classics, if you usually find them dense! I actually found that the majority of classics I read were much more accessible than I’d thought.

  6. This is such a great challenge! I’ve read classics in school and I enjoy reading classics like “Anne of Green Gables” and “The Secret Garden,” but some classics just seem too intimidating for me (i.e. Charles Dickens with all of his characters and story lines). Maybe one day I’ll challenge myself and read some of his books. 🙂

    Good luck with the challenge!

  7. I just added myself to the challenge! I’ve been wanting to read more classics anyway, so this will be a good challenge!

  8. Well I was planing to read a few classics anyway, so this challenge is going to help me do that. 🙂
    I have quite a lot of classics already sitting on my shelf, so it is really time to enjoy them. And at the moment I am reading the wonderful Wizard of Oz 🙂

    Good Luck with your on challenges and enjoy your books


  9. I’m going to join you on this, I’m studying English Lit A level at the grand old age of 43, so doing this can only help! Donna

  10. I have loved reading classics over the past year and I’m so excited to read some in the next. I’m also looking forward to seeing what everyone else is reading and their thoughts about each book. 🙂

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  12. Just added my name to the list Stacey 🙂 Really looking forward to taking part in this – I have lots of classics in mind I’d love to get to! I particularly want to make sure I’m reading diversely, so plan to start with James Baldwin in January! 😀

  13. Challenge accepted! And since there is no mention of country of origin, I will mix in a few Romanian classics as well. Getting really excited about 2015!

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  15. Really looking forward to taking part in this! I’m going to finally read Treasure Island in January. 🙂

  16. Stacey, How can I not love your blog? It is truly inspiring and the pictures of books are amazing:-)
    I’d love to join the challenge because I just love classics so much…but how does that work? Is it like everyone reads the same ones or do we have a choice?:-)

    • Thanks so much for your kind words 🙂

      It’s completely up to you! I didn’t want to tell people which classics they should read as I imagine most people joining likely do not read classics often, and so I don’t want to deter anyone. All you have to do is pick a classic per month (definition is up to you and you can read more if you wish) and after you’ve read it, post about it using the above questions. Or you can do a standard review.

      If you need some inspiration, you could see which classics I’ve read and which ones are on my Goodreads shelf. I’ll also be writing a post on some suggested classics soon! But it’ll be great to see all the different classics everyone is reading.

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  18. My number one challenge for this year is to read classics. I’ve had that on my list for three years now so it’s time to just do it! I’ll try to make it once a month but we’ll see. I do want to read other things too so this will def. Be a challenge. Yay.

  19. Can I still sign up even just to try? Like I might need to space out one book to two months instead if it’s quite lengthy.

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  21. What a great challenge. I’m hoping to introduce more of the classics to my six year old this year so this will help to keep us on track 🙂

  22. I have signed up!!! Think this is a great idea and can’t wait to get cracking!! 😀

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  27. Hiya I’m new to your blog but I’m already a fan!
    I have just finished ready Evelyn Waugh vile bodies and highly recommend it, I was previously reading Graham Greene’s The end of the affair which had me in tears and I’m next going to read the history of mr polly by H.G wells.
    I am a huge Agatha Christie fan and seeing your post about newbies starting with and then there were none is totally spot on and what I recommend to people when they ask me why Agatha!

    • Thank you for the recommendations and fab to hear you’re an Agatha Christie fan. What are your other favourite books of hers?

      • I have built a library in my living room for the amount of books I have and two shelves are dedicated to her. I would say why didn’t they ask evans is a brilliant one. Also the man in the brown suit and The secret adversary, I have a soft spot for Poirot so if someone hasn’t read any I would suggest starting with The mysterious affair at styles. It’s where the reader is first introduced to him and you can also read it on the internet as its the only one of hers not under copyright law. The last Poirot book was curtain and it comes full circle.

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  30. […] 2015 Classics Challenge hosted by Stacy at The Pretty Books I was really drawn to Stacy’s challenge because it was simple and low maintenance, there were no lengthy rules and points to accrue, it was just straight down to business – reading as many classics as your heart desires. I love that Stacy has left it up to us to decide what a ‘classic’ is. Often when this is too rigid, it can take the fun out of reading classics in particular, which really isn’t the point of this challenge. […]

  31. I already read and love classics but I’m going to join anyway because I’d like to read even more.

  32. I entered but the first time I put my name and blog i ended my editing site (which won’t come up). So I just in my real site url in the second “Becky” – don’t know how to fix that.

    I really appreciate the chance to count the classics I read – I hope to make a couple a month but we’ll see –

  33. […] In an effort to break out of my fantasy addiction I’m really going to challenge myself this year to get some classics into my reading pile.  There are so many I’ve always wanted to read but for whatever reason haven’t.  The 2015 Classics challenge is super simple and consists of only one classic book a month through the year.  I’m already behind for January so I’ll have to catch up but I already have my first classic picked out!  This challenge is hosted over at Prettybooks. […]

  34. I’m late but very excited and looking forward to catching up!

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  37. […] I got to pick a free book and chose another classic I’ve not yet read: Oliver Twist. One for the 2015 Classics Challenge […]

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  39. WAHOO! I love this idea, I just signed up!
    I’m currently travelling, but I’m hoping this will make me read even more now – so thank you! x

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  42. This challenge sounds great! I have read some classics and I really enjoy them. Look forward to reading more of them. I have added my name in the list!

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  44. It’s not just me that;s trying to read more classics because I’ve always found myself intimidated by them

  45. Why is it that I always find all these challenges so late into the year! I have always wanted to start reading classics and now this challenge I can actually do that. I started by new blog just for this purpose that I can now document my reading journey and this challenge is just what I was looking for.
    Thank you!
    p.s I love your blog. I have devoured so much of it by now. 😀

    • Don’t worry, it’s never too late to join! It’s simply about reading one (or more if you wish!) classic per month and that can be started at any point. Thank you for joining us!

      • Reading classics seems so intimidating though. Did you ever feel this way? How did you get over the feeling?

        • Absolutely! I didn’t study English Literature at A Level (for ages 16-18) or at university because I really didn’t like having to analyse texts that I wasn’t enjoying. But it also means that I missed out on read many of the popular classics. I certainly felt intimidated, but I think the key is to read the classics that *you* think sound enjoyable, rather than the ones you think you *should* read – so perhaps start with an Agatha Christie novel or a children’s classic first! I created a list of some older classics, modern classics and children’s classics here for people too!

          • Yeah reading classics I want to read rather than the ones I should read sounds like a good plan. Oh! I love Agatha Christie, I have read tons of her books. Thank you for the list, I went through them already when I came across the challenge. 😀

            • I saw your list of classics just after I replied – it looks like a good list to me! I can’t comment on Dickens and Tolstoy, but I found the rest fairly accessible 🙂

              • I love Dickens, I have read The Christmas Carol while I was in school and I am hoping I’ll love The Tale Of Two Cities just as much. You should read The Christmas Carol, its a short and fun read.
                And Tolstoy is someone I have always wanted to read and i thought what better time to read!

  46. Mid year update – I missed March, but made up for it in April, May and June – I tthink 9 classics read so far this year. 🙂

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  48. It’s nearly the end of the year but it’s never too late to read more classics right?!

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