#BookADayUK September | Week One

#BookADay September | Week One
I participated in #BookADayUK in June and after a little break, I thought I’d participate again in September. This month it’s hosted by We Love This Book. I’ve also been tweeting and posting a new photo on Tumblr every day, so here’s a recap of the first week! Clicking on each image takes you to the Tumblr post.

#BookADay September | Week One
#BookADay September | Week One
1st: Favourite book about books and/or bookshops
Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan and The Collected Works of A.J. Fikry (also known as The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry) by Gabrielle Zevin are two very different books but are amongst my favourite books about bookshops! I wrote a blogpost about books for book lovers earlier this year and these two were featured. I love books about books!

#BookADay September | Week One
#BookADay September | Week One
2nd: Favourite book set in a school
This one is so difficult because I love books set in schools (unsurprisingly seeing as I’m a fan of both children’s and young adult literature!), particularly boarding schools. But then I thought, what’s the best school? It wasn’t too difficult to answer. Of course it’s Hogwarts.

#BookADay September | Week One
3rd: Best Home Front novel

I assume this means favourite book about World War I, one of which would have to be Stay Where You Are and Then Leave by John Boyne, about Alfie Summerfield, just five years old when World War I broke out. His young father, Georgie, promised he wouldn’t enlist voluntarily, only to break his promise the very next day, walking into the house in full uniform. Stay Where You Are and Then Leave is beautifully written and does not shy away from the harshness of wartime and the effect the war had on the entire country.

#BookADay September | Week One

4th: The book you bought for the cover
I mainly bought Penguin’s Great Food series because of the covers, even though I do love food and can’t wait to get stuck into this collection of food writing. They were just too beautiful to resist.

#BookADay September | Week One
5th: The book you bought despite the cover
I don’t dislike my cover for The Remains of the Day at all, but I really wanted the Secrets & Lies edition to match my copy of Resistance by Owen Sheers. I couldn’t find it anywhere, so I went with the one available in the bookshop.

#BookADay September | Week One
6th: Favourite book of short stories
I’m not really a fan of short stories, but War Girls – a collection about women during the First World War – surprised me and it’s probably my favourite book of short stories so far, although I did just buy Roald Dahl’s collection. We’ll have to see if it pushes War Girls from the top spot.

#BookADay September | Week One
7th: Favourite fictional monarch
I don’t tend to read books about the monarchy, so I’m going to go with A Game of Thrones (even though I haven’t read the books yet, oops!) since the fight for the Iron Throne provides much entertainment!

3 thoughts on “#BookADayUK September | Week One

  1. Lovely pictures! I loved Mr. Penumbra as well- books about book lovers just make me so happy. Also, short stories are not usually my thing either but War Girls looks really intriguing!

  2. I love this concept! It’s so much fun to see all the different answers 🙂

    Is this something that happens every month? And do you know where you can find info about the coming months? I really want to participate, but keep not noticing until the month is already half-way through 😦

    • It’s mainly on Twitter! It’s being done by @welovethisbook at the moment and @booksaremybag are doing it in October. The previous account will always tweet about who’s running it next month. You can keep track by checking the #bookadayuk hashtag too 🙂

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