#BookADayUK | Week Two

#BookADayUK | Week Two

(I forgot to include Hyperbole and a Half!)

The Borough Press is encouraging everyone to tweet a #BookADayUK (please note the hashtag change) all throughout June to celebrate Independent Booksellers Week, which begins 28th June. I’ve really enjoyed tweeting and posting a new photo on Tumblr every day, so here’s a recap of the second week! Clicking on each image takes you to the Tumblr post.

#BookADayUK | Week Two
9th. Film or TV tie-in.

I’m normally not a fan of movie tie-in covers, but some of them are pretty. I didn’t pick up A Series of Unfortunate Events until I saw this edition ten years ago!
#BookADayUK | Week Two
10th. Reminds me of someone I love.

I was a massive fan of the Wicca (also known as Sweep) series by Cate Tiernan when I was 13. It reminds me of one of my best friends from school. We would chat about them at lunchtime and she was one of the few people who would actually talk to me about books in general.

#BookADayUK | Week Two
11th. Secondhand bookshop gem.

I found Z for Zachariah in a secondhand bookshop for only £1.50 two years ago. I was quite excited about it because it’s a 1980s edition. I was quite into post-apocalyptic (and dystopian) fiction around 2011/2012.

12th. Pretend to have studied it.
Now, I actually never pretend to have read a book when I haven’t. But sometimes, when I’m around English Literature graduates, I just nod and smile politely when they talk about the books and poetry they studied because I took Sociology and therefore often have no idea what they’re talking about!

#BookADayUK | Week Two
13th. Makes me laugh.

I read Hyperbole and a Half this year and it was just as brilliant and as funny as I hoped it would be. I reviewed it back in February.

#BookADayUK | Week Two
14th. An old favourite.

I read The Girl from the Sea on a coach on the way to France (although to Normandy, not the South of France) with my history class when I was 15. I loved it and it became an instant favourite.

#BookADayUK | Week Two#BookADayUK | Week Two
15th. Favourite fictional father.

I struggled to think of a favourite fictional father until I remembered this quote from Holly Smale’s Model Misfit. Harriet Manners’ Dad is incredibly funny. Here’s my reviews of the first and second books.



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  1. A Series of Unfortunate Events!<3 I love that series so much – though somehow I've never seen that movie cover before… It's gorgeous though!:) Agreed, with the favourite fictional father: Harriet's dad is one of the most brilliant characters in that book.
    Gee 🙂

  2. If you took sociology how did you get into the book industry? I’m really intrigued. 🙂 Was it hard to do? I study psychology but am a huge lover of books and a job in books seems like a total dream come true to me!

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