Afternoon Tea @ The Tea Terrace

I went for a lovely Afternoon Tea at The Tea Terrace in House of Fraser on Oxford Street today with my lovely book blogger buddies Daphne, Debbie, Caitlin, Faye and Caroline. I thought I’d bring along my camera as I’m one of those annoying people who enjoys taking pictures of their food. I’d only been for Afternoon Tea maybe three times before, so I was really looking forward to it. I had cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches, ham and tomato sandwiches, a fruit scone and an apple and cinnamon scone (with plenty of strawberry jam and clotted cream), lemon drizzle cake and peppermint tea – all delicious. As you can imagine, we were pretty full after eating, although that didn’t stop Caitlin trying to take us to McDonalds afterwards! We are already planning our next afternoon tea trip… so watch this space!

Afternoon Tea @ The Tea TerraceAfternoon Tea @ The Tea Terrace

Afternoon Tea @ The Tea Terrace

Peppermint tea

Afternoon Tea @ The Tea Terrace

Lemon drizzle cake. Clotted cream and a little pot of strawberry jam.

Afternoon Tea @ The Tea Terrace

Scones and sandwiches.

Afternoon Tea @ The Tea Terrace

Caitlin’s chocolate cake

Afternoon Tea @ The Tea Terrace

Debbie’s hot chocolate

Afternoon Tea @ The Tea TerraceAfternoon Tea @ The Tea TerraceAfternoon Tea @ The Tea TerraceAfternoon Tea @ The Tea Terrace

14 thoughts on “Afternoon Tea @ The Tea Terrace

  1. I’ve never been to an afternoon tea before! It looks pretty. I think I’ll put it on my list of things to do soon 🙂

  2. That looks delicious! I’e never been out for afternoon tea (or high tea as we call it) but it looks so fancy and tasty. You’ve made me hungry 🙂

  3. Oh wow, it looks as if you had a lovely time! Currently craving tea and cake now, I must go track some down, haha 🙂
    I really enjoy reading all of your posts, book related and non-bookish posts, they are all wonderful 🙂 x

  4. I’ve never been for Afternoon Tea but I always seeing blog posts of others who have – they’re always full of delicious food. I want that hot chocolate, like right now! And there is always such pretty crockery. It’s great that you had a lovely day, and I look forward to more non bookish posts!

  5. um, now I WANT TO HAVE AFTERNOON TEA! this all looks so lovely!! sandwiches and scones!! cake!! with bookish friends!

  6. […] Non-Bookish events I attended this month include the chocolate festival which was such a weird and wonderful experience! I went with Debbie, Daphne, and Stacey and it was just really great! I tried some super tasty gluten free items – like macarons! – and it was just so much fun. Afterwards we treated ourselves to mexican and then a second hand bookshop where all the books were just £1! Needless to say I bought a lot! I also had afternoon tea with the same ladies as above and Cait and Caroline. It was really tasty and a lovely experience. See the wonderful food in Stacey’s post here. […]

  7. Lucy @ Queen of Contemporary

    This has made me extremely hungry now! I’m in need of cake!

    It sounds like you had a lovely time!

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