New Year’s Bookish Resolutions 2014

New Year’s Bookish Resolutions 2014

I’ve been setting myself bookish resolutions for two years now and want to do it again for 2014. Unsurprisingly, many of these are centred around my ‘to read’ pile

1. Buy all physical books from bookshops rather than online
I said last year that ‘I know books tend to be cheaper online and I know it’s more convenient, but it’s just not as fun‘. I want to continue to support ‘bricks and mortar’ bookshops, especially independent bookshops, next year – but you may notice one small difference. I said last year that I wanted to ‘buy fewer books online and more from bookshops’ but this year I’m saying ‘buy all physical books from bookshops’. Yes, you heard me, ALL THE BOOKS.

2. Visit more London bookshops (and then blog about them)
Yes! I will be continuing with A Tour of London Bookshops next year. I’ve blogged about Skoob Books, London Review Bookshop, Daunt Books, Marylebone, West End Lane Books, Daunt Books, Hampstead and Keith Fawkes already, but there’s even more to come. I especially want to do a ‘before and after’ with Foyles Charing Cross. As you may know, they’re moving a few doors down to 107 Charing Cross and it sounds like it’s going to be a really special shop.

3. Read books I already own
Okay, I have a confession. My name is Stacey and I own too many unread books. There, I said it. Now, what can I do about it? I currently have 236 books on my ‘to read’ pile so I’m hoping get this down to, let’s say, 199 by the end of the year (it was 170 at the end of 2012!).

4. Do not buy books unless they’re going to be read straight away
I have another confession: I buy too many books. Although, it’s not really buying books that I have a problem with. I have a full-time job (in book publishing, I should add), and I figure that that’s what money is for. I pay rent and bills and buy food and a bus pass, but after that, I’m free to do what I want with the money I’ve earned and there’s no better way to spend money than on books. And I don’t actually spend that much money on them. I mainly have a problem with the fact that I buy them and then don’t read them for weeks or months or years. I’m going to try super hard to avoid this next year.

5. Use the library more
I know, I know. Using the library isn’t really going to get my ‘to read’ pile down, but it isn’t going to add to it either. I look at the amount of books I have and figure that I really don’t need to own every single book I want to read ever. (Besides, where do I put them all?). I’ve been enjoying going to the library recently, where I’ve borrowed Maus, Eleanor & Park, Champion, The Fiery Heart and Where You Reach Me in recent months. I’m hoping to use the library much more in 2014 and I’m sure I’ll buy my absolute favourites (The Book Thief being a book I originally borrowed from the library.) I was originally going to pick this as a resolution for this year but I figured it probably wasn’t going to happen since my library is poorly stocked. I didn’t realise you could reserve books and that they’d get them for you from other libraries… Oops.

6. Read one ‘classic’ book per month
Of course I’ll be continuing with the Classics Challenge next year! I look forward to picking a new classic every month and there’s so many more I want to read, including a few Vintage Children’s Classics, Great Expectations, Little Women and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. And more Roald Dahl of course!

7. Read more children’s (middle grade) fiction
I noticed this year that although I’ve read a lot of young adult fiction, I haven’t read as much children’s fiction, so I want to improve on that next year. I particularly enjoy realistic/contemporary middle grade and classic children’s fiction such as Stay Where You Are and then Leave and Mary-Mary. Some of the books on my ‘to read’ pile are Sleuth on Skates, Goth Girl, The Story of the Treasure Seekers, Dandelion Clocks, Little Celeste, Fire Spell, Charlotte Sometimes and The Wolves of Willoughby Chase.

8. Accept fewer review copies
It’s not easy to turn down free books, but I love the freedom of reading what I want, without worrying that I won’t enjoy it, or that I have to review it, or that I won’t be able to read it for ages, or that I’m not getting a chance to read the books I actually bought. I didn’t actually accept very many this year – I mostly received them at blogger events – so hopefully I can continue to do that next year.

9. Read 100 books in 2014
I challenged myself to read 50 books this year and I’ll have read 63 by the end of the year. I want to have another go at reading 100 books in a year as I’ve only done it once before in 2011. However, I’m not going to be too hard on myself if I do not reach this goal as there’s no point reading 100 books if I’m not enjoying it. It’s also another way to get my ‘to read’ pile down!

And I also have a few blogging-related resolutions:

1. Spend 20 minutes per day reading and commenting on book blogs
I am absolutely terrible at reading other book blogs. I’m ashamed of this because I know how much work and time goes into book blogging. What would be the point in Pretty Books if no one read, shared or commented on my content? So, I’m going to try to spend around 20 minutes per day appreciating my fellow book bloggers and their hard work!

2. Write (or draft) book reviews as soon as I’ve finished the book
I am normally pretty organised when it comes to writing book reviews, but lately I’ve been about three or four reviews behind. I know this doesn’t sound like many, but when you have a terrible memory like myself, it becomes incredibly difficult to write about a book that I finished three or four weeks ago. It took me five hours to write my last two book reviews when it usually takes an hour. It isn’t a very enjoyable experience, having to write about a book you do not remember much about, so I’m going to try to write reviews as soon as possible next year.

How did I do with my 2013 bookish resolutions?

Have you set yourself any bookish resolutions for 2014?

48 thoughts on “New Year’s Bookish Resolutions 2014

  1. This is amazing – I’m going to have to steal some of these resolutions for my 2014 list!

  2. Very nice – love your resolutions. 100 books is a very big goal – I read 34 of the 30 I wanted to read this year.

  3. That’s quite the list! I’ve been saying for a while now that I need to read more classic books so I am planning to read one a month as well. Good luck!

  4. I really enjoy it when you blog about the book shops in London, because it gives me a sense and feel of things outside of my own place, and it sort of makes it special. I also am definitely going to try and buy the books that I’m going to read immediately rather than buying and letting them gather dust on my shelves. I also want to read more classics and pretty much most of your list, lol. l hope you’re able to meet all of your goals for the New year, good luck! 🙂

  5. Nice resolutions =).

    I work at Watermark Books at King’s Cross feel free to come and visit and write about us ^^

  6. Stacey,
    I find you so motivating this time of year. I have similar resolutions but for different reasons. I want to read more middle grade books because I work with kids in that age group and I can never recommend any books besides Harry Potter and Roald Dahl books.

  7. Brilliant resolutions! I’m just coming up with mine. I’ll hopefully post them soon.

  8. Great resolutions! One is also on my list and that is to write review as soon as I finished a book! I tend to write it a week (or later) after I finished, and then wonder why I have such a hard time with it, LOL

  9. These are great new year’s resolutions! I had giving up making them (I AM perfect!) but think I should borrow your ones, please. Though, thinking back, I did stop buying books online in autumn 2012 on learning of a certain mega-retailer’s attitude to paying its taxes, and I’ve stuck to that one so far.

  10. Good luck with your book resolutions! They sound like a lot of hard work but also a tonne of fun. 🙂

  11. I had been thinking about it for a while, but after reading this post I decided I’m definitely going to use the library more in 2014. My borough recently joined the London Libraries Consortium, so now I can get almost any book I want for 75p, without also having to travel to do so (I have two library cards and the other borough’s been in the LLC for years, but it’s a bus ride away). 75p! It’s far too good an opportunity to miss.

    I’ve also resolved to comment more and subscribe to more UK book blogs.

    • Ohh how come you have to pay 75p? I’m a new to how libraries work actually! I feel silly. I know that the book I have now is from the Wandsworth library, which isn’t anywhere near me, but it was free to reserve and pick up.

      • That’s just how much my library charges for all reservations, different boroughs charge different fees. There was a period a couple of years ago where requests within my borough were free. I requested a lot of books that year! Don’t feel silly, no two library systems work in the same way, and they change the rules so frequently, even as a lifelong library user I struggle to keep on top of it!

  12. Little Women is so good! 🙂 Have been thinking about Classics to read for next year, love the idea. Bookish resolutions on their way…

    • I really should have read it by now! I didn’t realise it was a perfect wintry/Christmas book. I only have to decide whether to wait until next Christmas to read it…

      • You could read it in January, it’s still a bit wintery then! I’m reading Northern Lights for my January Classic…have been meaning to read it for years, feel it is Christmassy but don’t want to leave it until next December! 🙂

        • I think I have one for January, but February would work since it’s the second most awful month after January! It’s always horrible and we’re sick of the snow by then. Northern Lights would work too! I need to re-read the first two and read the third at one point. I have the pretty Everyman’s Library edition.

  13. 100 books! Wow, and good luck! Good for you for aiming high.

    I like your blogging resolutions too. I’m with you on #1 — I rarely spend enough time reading others’ blogs. Just might adopt this resolution.

  14. Great resolutions ! I like the numbers 5 and 6 (I’m a librarian and I do think that a classic a month is a great idea).

  15. 100 books, doubling your count from last year eh. That’s a lot of books! I wish you all the best with meeting that goal, although I’m sure you can do it! Especially when you have previously.
    Also, interacting on other blogs is a great resolution to have. Being a part of the blogging community is a great feeling.
    I wish you all the nest for 2014!
    Bits & Bobs

  16. I stole some of yours for my own 2014 bookish resolutions so I hope you don’t mind. Anyway, I’ll help you stay on top of your resolutions and you help me stay on top of mine. Deal? Hahahaha, happy 2014, Stacey! 🙂

  17. Every year I make resolutions and every year I fail miserably so this year I’ve given up, I’m not going to make any!
    Good luck wrestling you TBR in to submission!

    • I think that’s absolutely fine! I only make these because it’s sort of what I do anyway, but with a little reminder. I don’t think it does any good to put pressure on people as reading’s meant to be enjoyable!

  18. I wish you good luck with your resolutions, especially with the bookish ones 🙂
    Maybe I should copy one or two of those, in particular the part about buying no books, unless they are read straight away and reading the ones I own already 😉

    Happy New Year 🙂

    • Thank you! 🙂 It is extremely difficult to do… but I shall try my best! I’ve bought two books so far this year (eBooks) and I’m planning to read one this month.

      • You’re welcome 🙂

        Indeed it is – I bought 3 books so far ;D
        It is so hard to walk in a bookstore an don’t fall for a book, or find anotherone I’ve been looking for a long time
        Than enjoy reading 🙂

  19. 100 books? How do you have the time?! With full time work, my 9 year old being in every after school activity possible, and my boyfriend who is like having another child. Also, what are your feelings on audio books? Do you think that’s cheating? I’m trying to get myself a little healthier, and thought about audio books for when I go on walks, since me walking and reading, would be a recipe for disaster.

    • I don’t, really! But I read whenever I do have spare time. Plus, I figure there’s no point running a book blog if I don’t specifically make the time to read books! I definitely think audiobooks count. I listened to Malory Towers and The Scorpio Races the year before last.

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  21. That’s a very impressive list of resolutions – good luck! I am also doing the classic challenge with friends and trying blogging for the first time. Happy Reading!

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