Book Review: The Isobel Journal by Isobel Harrop

Book Review: The Isobel Journal by Isobel Harrop

Shelved: Young adult non-fiction (contemporary, illustrative, scrapbook, memoir)
Rating: ★★★★
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Isobel Harrop is an eighteen-year-old girl from ‘where nothing really happens’ and The Isobel Journal is the charming scrapbook of her delightfully ordinary yet wonderful teenage life.

I snuggled up with The Isobel Journal and a blanket on a cold night and read until I consumed every last page. I was particularly keen to read and review it because it’s just the sort of book my fellow Tumblr-goers enjoy, but also because even though I’ve not been a teenager for four years – and there’s a lot I prefer about being an adult! – there’s a lot that I miss and wish I could go back and do again.

The Isobel Journal is a pretty collection of quirky illustrations (drawn by Isobel herself), photographs and random bursts of thought; a stream of teenage consciousness. It includes scans of tickets from concerts she’s attended to the myriad of people she’s observed and sketched over the years (and who often look like owls). Isobel’s life is not exactly like mine (although it’s about to get a whole lot similar since she recently started at the university I went to!) but there’s a lot I connected with. Stacey’s Teenage Life pretty much consisted of booksmusicinternet, rinse and repeat, so here’s some of my favourite pages:

The Isobel Journal by Isobel Harrop
I’m normally not an enthusiastic fan of otters – although I tend to love all baby animals – but this page is adorable! I sent a picture of it to my otter-loving friend. It’s so fun and colourful and hits you as soon as you open the book.

The Isobel Journal by Isobel Harrop

I also keep a little box full of cinema tickets, concert tickets, train tickets to fun places, band badges and other little things. My oldest cinema and concert tickets are from 2003, when I went to see 50 First Dates and Good Charlotte!

The Isobel Journal by Isobel Harrop

I used to love music as much as I love books. (Maybe more. Gasp!).

The Isobel Journal by Isobel Harrop

And one of my least favourite chores to do is change the bedclothes, even though I love the feel and smell of fresh sheets. I used to get inside the duvet cover in an attempt to put it on. I wouldn’t recommend this.

The Isobel Journal is a lovely book to curl up with while wearing your favourite cosy pyjamas and drinking a cup of tea (or hot chocolate and marshmallows, if you’re more like me). It’s pure joy to flick through – delightful, funny and perfect for the nostalgic – and it made me think about what my scrapbook would look like. If you’d love to buy a book for someone who doesn’t usually read, this could be the ideal present. And it’s also nice to come across someone else who thinks pigeons are ‘okay’.

Published: 7th November 2013
Publisher: Hot Key Books
Pages: 208
Source: Thank you Hot Key Books for providing this book for review!

The Isobel Journal by Isobel Harrop

The Isobel Journal by Isobel Harrop

The Isobel Journal by Isobel Harrop

The Isobel Journal by Isobel Harrop

The Isobel Journal by Isobel Harrop

15 thoughts on “Book Review: The Isobel Journal by Isobel Harrop

  1. prisailurophileblog

    This looks adorable 🙂

  2. Aww, now I want to read this! There’s just something special about reading (and writing in) journals. And I love the pages that you’ve taken photos of, especially the yellow page with the otters. 😉

  3. “I’m not usually an enthusiastic fan of otters…” Teehee!

  4. She’s from my hometown so they’re really promoting this in our local Waterstones. It’s not really my kind of book but I can see it being popular.

  5. This looks so cute and different.
    I love the idea of buying it as a gift for someone who doesn’t usually read books.

  6. I love scrapbooks (and also collect old cinema tickets and the like), so this is a really lovely idea to see in print as a book – something to come back to for inspiration whenever you’re feeling a bit blah.
    Lovely shots of the book too!

    Nell at And Nell Writes

  7. The otter insert pages are so adorable. I feel like a lot of copies will be bought as Christmas presents this year.

  8. I think this is the most adorable book (I *may* have been totally swayed by the otters) and think it will make a great gift, but it’s not the sort of book I’d want to read or own, particularly. Though I will admit that I DO get inside the duvet cover to change the sheets….


  9. ooh this book looks absolutely LOVELY! it’s definitely a book i would want to own for sure as opposed to checking it out from the library because it really looks delightful.

  10. girlwiththehankie

    I want to have this book !!!! Haha. It looks so nice and cute. 🙂

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