A Tour of London Bookshops – Keith Fawkes (Hampstead Part #3)

London Bound: A Tour of London Bookshops – Keith Hawkes (Hampstead Part #3)

Welcome to my tour of Hampstead, Part 3! This is the last post about my little day trip to north-west London. I was taken to Keith Fawkes, a charming secondhand bookshop. I’ve also included photos of Hampstead itself, which is rather pretty.

London Bound: A Tour of London Bookshops – Keith Hawkes (Hampstead Part #3)I adore this! Yes, it is perhaps unnecessary because, indeed, one does expect to find books in bookshops, but it reminded me why I enjoy visiting secondhand bookshops. It’s quirky, cute and did not even deter my friend, who has a hatred of pink, from going inside.

London Bound: A Tour of London Bookshops – Keith Hawkes (Hampstead Part #3)
Old Penguin Classics are an excellent way to draw people in, as we’ve seen with Skoob Books. These bookshelves are literally the first thing you see as you step through the door, which you can barely do as it’s tiny and cramped and cluttered, but I love it – it’s the exact opposite to most of the other bookshops I’ve visited on this tour so far.

London Bound: A Tour of London Bookshops – Keith Hawkes (Hampstead Part #3)Keith Fawkes has that old book smell as soon as you step inside, which is wonderful, even though if I had to pick, the ‘new book’ smell would be my choice. It’s a treasure trove of unexpected finds. I particularly enjoyed the London section, which was home to titles such as The Great Plagues of London and The London Encyclopaedia.

London Bound: A Tour of London Bookshops – Keith Hawkes (Hampstead Part #3)

And here’s the children’s section! I also loved the sections dedicated to secondhand Folio Society editions, which are beautiful and Faber & Faber poetry (despite not being a huge fan of poetry!). As you can see, it’s a very small shop (an [ shape) but full to the brim with books. Just mind your step.
A Tour of HampsteadI was unexpectedly given a tour of some relevant literary places in Hampstead, First up, the beautiful Keats House, which isn’t too far from Daunt Books.

A Tour of HampsteadJohn Keats lived here from 1818 to 1820 and it inspired some of his poetry: ‘While living in the house, Keats fell in love with and became engaged to Fanny Brawne, who lived with her family in the adjacent house. Keats became increasingly ill with tuberculosis and was advised to move to a warmer climate. He left London in 1820 and died, unmarried, aged 25, in Italy the following year.’

A Tour of HampsteadAnd this is just a view of the side of the house! Entry is £5, but we had a busy day ahead of us so we didn’t go in. But I’m definitely coming back!

A Tour of HampsteadMay I have this garden, please?

A Tour of HampsteadAnd here is Keats Community Library, which I also want to come back to.

A Tour of HampsteadHampstead is very quiet..

A Tour of Hampstead…And picturesque.

A Tour of HampsteadA Tour of HampsteadAnd lastly, George Orwell lived and worked in 3 Warwick Mansions, in a bookshop that used to be here, from 1934 – 1935.

That is it for my tour of Hampstead/West Hampstead! But it’s not the end of A Tour of London Bookshops – I’m hoping to visit many more this year! As I also love coffee/cake shops, I’m also tempted to blog about ‘Places to Eat & Read in London’. Perhaps?

Tube  Hampstead | 1-3 Flask Walk, London, NW3 1HJ.

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  1. 😀 I look forward to seeing more of these posts, I move in September for university and its making me want to try and find some wonderful ones near there now!

    – Lauren (from booksandtea on tumblr)

  2. Hampstead is gorgeous, and I love tiny bookshops that just are full to the brim with books.

  3. I’ve not been to Hampstead, at least as far as I remember, and I had no idea about Keats’s house (or the bookshop for that matter!) In this case, this is a very useful post! Great photos, too.

  4. Wow! Just beautiful. I hope to someday travel to England to see literary sites like these. Thanks for writing and for the charming images 🙂

  5. Places to eat and read is a great idea!

  6. Nice posts. I really love that area, especially in the summer 🙂

  7. Ohhh Keith Fawkes is my absolute favourite bookshop in London. I used to try and go every Tuesday (an American gentlemen used to work there on that day, and he knew everything about any title you asked him for – he also used to give me everything for half price). I also used to volunteer at that museum, Hamstead Village is a gem.

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