Books, Books and More Books

Books, Books and More Books

I find it helpful to put the books I want to read next on my desk… except when it gets bigger and bigger. Then it’s just daunting! (Although it clearly does not stop me taking pictures of them. After all, a desk with books on is better than an empty desk, right?). However, I’m only planning on doing this until I’ve read all of the above and then I’m just going to pick books off my shelves (or Kindle!) when I feel like it. I think it’ll be more enjoyable that way.

Where do you keep the books you want to read next? Or your ‘to read’ pile?

14 thoughts on “Books, Books and More Books

  1. I made a little pile on my bedside table a couple of months ago and haven’t touched any of them! For some reason I’ve picked up others instead. Not sure why.

  2. I keep my to-read books in two piles. One pile is at home and the other is at my mom’s place. I tend to spend half the week at my place and half at my mom’s so I need books in both places. 🙂

  3. I try to keep my books on the shelves after a recent reorganization project during which I found books on every available surface of my bedroom. I keep a list of the ones I want to read and then go pull the from the shelf, or peruse through my unreads when I don’t have anything currently in my hands. 😛

  4. I planned to do the same, keep them on the desk, but then it got a bit too much so I have a pile next to the desk instead. I’m out of shelf space for now so that’s a no go. It’s so easy to forget the ebooks, though!

    • I completely agree. I’m going to have to pay more attention to eBooks once I’ve read all of my ‘to read soon’ pile. I have so many books on there that I really want to read, but it’s harder to remember to pick them up if I cannot see them.

  5. I have a massive pile of books on my shelf but really like your idea of keeping them on a desk. At the moment I have lots of different books scattered around my house because I’m totally disorganised.
    There are some really good books there and I really want to read Days of Blood and Starlight and The Diviners. Hope you get around to them soon! 🙂

  6. I keep some on both my bedside tables, on my desk, next to my PC. It’s all over the place 😉

  7. I like to hide mine in amongst my other books so I have a ‘nice surpise’ when looking through the spines for my next read – doesnt really work though as I keep buying new books anyway so might need to think up a new system!

    Totally agree with Charlie’s comment about eBooks – I buy them with ‘a click’ and then completely forget about their existence on my Kindle! Need more discipline when it comes to buying books…

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