A Little Tour of my Bookshelves

Here is a little tour of my bookshelves. I have two bookcases in my room and each shelf houses 2-3 rows of books, so unfortunately there’s about 10 shelves you cannot see, although this means I can hide away oldies like The Sleepover Club…  They are in some sort of order (the sort that only I would possibly understand…). I can, surprisingly, remember where I’ve shelved most books, however! Although, it’s guaranteed that the one I want, I’ll have no idea, and so will have to start pulling books off shelves…

I also do not have a camera so forgive me for using Instagram 😉

Bookshelf Tour
My coveted American teen drama DVDs (if you adore literature and haven’t watched Gilmore Girls, why not?), three rows of young adult fiction I’ve mostly already read, and some of my fiction.

Bookshelf Tour
More fiction, young adult fiction, some older children’s fiction (like the aforementioned Sleepover Club as well as Goosebumps and Animal Ark), A Series of Unfortunate Events, Harry Potter, and a shelf of Jodi Picoult. And a couple of animals.

Bookshelf Tour

I love my new mug from Buy Olympia!

Bookshelf Tour

I have two rows of hardbacks. It’s the only shelf tall enough!

Bookshelf Tour

I have a non-fiction shelf, but it’s hidden (not on purpose!). And this is the rest of my young adult fiction. The bottom shelf is generally for books I haven’t yet read. I also have my lovely John Green box set on my bedside table!

Book Tour
And this is my desk, which is where I keep the books I want to read next/soon.

Book Tour

And here’s a fun pie chart. (Although this includes a lot of eBooks). When you’re a book lover, book reviewer/blogger, and work in book publishing, you acquire a few books…

What are your bookshelves like?

34 thoughts on “A Little Tour of my Bookshelves

  1. Gorgeous post! I love Jodi Picoult too, so our bookshelves would look quite similar! But no alphabetical order I see 😉

    • Ha, no, unfortunately. I decided to arrange my Picoult books by colour!

      If I ever have a library of my own I’ll organise everything alphabetical and by genre!

  2. I love your bookshelves, they’re so pretty! And an entire shelf dedicated to Jodi Picoult… so jealous!

  3. I spy The OC and Gilmore Girls DVDs! My dad was such a fan of The OC. He was so sad when it got cancelled. Your bookshelves are so beautiful Stacey!

  4. Your shelves are so beautiful and crammed! They make my bookshelf look like a small cabinet 😛

  5. Your bookshelves look so nice! Mine are a right mess (less so since I put all my unreads next to my bed). You can see them here if you like – http://frombookstofilms.wordpress.com/2012/08/15/the-from-books-to-films-bookshelves/

  6. If you haven’t read Cat Clarke yet (that’s the bottom shelf, right?) I’d definitely recommend them, both. I like your organisation, no wonder you know where everything is!

  7. Jealous of your lovely bookshelves!

  8. The Sleepover Club used to be one of my favourite t.v shows but I didn’t realise that it was a book. I owned many, many Animal Ark books as a child too. I desperately wanted to be Mandy.

  9. I spy Harry Potter. :Db How do you organize your shelf after you sort them into its proper categories?

  10. Realy nice bookshelves. I can see few book, which I would like to have in my own liblary. Few of them we have in Poland.

  11. I wish I had all my books! Unfortunately, my apartment is tiny and most of my bookshelves and books are still at my parents house. One day…

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  12. Countless books and One Tree Hill, you are a girl after my own heart 🙂 x

  13. […] Number of Bookcases You Own: Two, but they both have 5-6 shelves, with 2-3 rows of books on each. I posted a little tour of my bookshelves here. […]

  14. I’m so pleased i’m not the only person who has double/triple rows of books per shelf… I really need an extra room to make into a library!

  15. […] I hope you enjoyed this! You can see a very old tour of my bookshelves here. […]

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