Pretty Books @ Tumblr turns 3 years old

Pretty Books Pretty Books

Pretty Books on Tumblr turned 3 years old last week, which I find extremely exciting! I know many of you who follow this WordPress discovered it through Tumblr and I’m incredibly grateful that you’ve stuck with both blogs and continue to read my reviews, comment on my posts, and share your love of reading. Head over to Tumblr to be in with a chance of winning two of my favourite books!

11 thoughts on “Pretty Books @ Tumblr turns 3 years old

  1. Congratulations, and the books look great!

  2. The pretty books tumblr was actually how I found Goodreads, and the entire book community. I read and enjoyed reading before then, but my true love for books started then. So I’m really grateful to you, thank you for being awesome!

  3. Happy (late) blogoversary :)))

  4. That’s how I discovered you! Been in love with your sight ever since. Thank you for bringing me to love books all over again. I can’t wait to be a librarian.

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