2012 Bookish Resolutions: How Did I Do?

In December 2011, I posted 7 bookish New Year’s Resolutions that I wanted to keep during 2012. So how did I do? Check out the original post to also read the reasons why I chose each resolution.

My New Year's Bookish Resolutions

1. Use libraries more
I only visited the library once this year, although I suppose that’s better than not visiting at all! I borrowed Scott Pilgrim #2 and #3 and The Raven Boys. I probably should try to get through my ‘to read’ list (currently 167 books) before I start borrowing any more anyway… At least I now know I have an adequate local library to go to.

2. Read one ‘classic’ book per month
Mostly done. I am most happy about (nearly) completing this goal. I ended up being a little behind and I’m having to read 4 classics in December, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m actually really looking forward to reading more classics in 2013! This may seem like nothing, but classics were something I used to avoid and now they no longer intimidate me. This is a huge personal achievement – I enjoyed all of them.

3. Do not buy books unless they’re going to be read
I was doing quite well at this for the first half of the year, but then it went a little downhill and I kept going on book-buying sprees. Oops! I bought 48 books this year and I read 12 of them. (I had no idea I bought this many. If you asked, I would’ve guessed 15-20, but luckily the majority of these were bought used or are inexpensive ebooks).

4. Buy books without looking up the reviews first
I bought The People’s Act of Love by James Meek and The End Specialist by Drew Magary because I liked the sound of them. It’s incredibly difficult! I did technically buy more books without looking up reviews first (e.g. Girl, Missing, Mister Pip, Perfect People, Swim the Fly, The House at Riverton, The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, Unique), but that’s because I had read positive reviews of them before, or they because were recommended to me.

5. Re-read books
I re-read five books: The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Mockingjay, Dark Inside, and Unwind. (All dystopian, coincidentally). I didn’t re-read any of the books I said I wanted to read, but let’s not be picky.

6. Keep a reading journal
I didn’t make notes as I was reading, either… BUT WAIT! Before you laugh, I now write every review on paper before I type it up. This is immensely helpful and I’m so glad I started doing it. It means I do not end up having to write one sentence over and over, trying to get it right.

7. Read less, enjoy more
I read less but this has made me rather sad, not happy. I cannot be pleased, it seems.

On first glance, I failed spectacularly. But I actually had a fantastic reading year. I discovered books I never would have read before and I got the opportunity to review titles that have become my favourites. I got a job in publishing and I’ve made new friends (mainly within the book industry because when you’re in, it’s difficult to do anything else!). I’ve attended some brilliant book events and I’ve stepped into Katniss’ shoes and tried archery. I met up with three of my favourite people in the book blogger/vlogger world – and many more at events. And a friend of Ray Bradbury left a lovely comment on my review of Fahrenheit 451. Overall, I think 2012 has been pretty good.

31 thoughts on “2012 Bookish Resolutions: How Did I Do?

  1. I love how good you are with charts. Also, these are really good. I need to do my review of my resolutions. (Also, your background is wonderful as per always.)

  2. I would be scared to count how many books I bought! One thing that I did do was the Mount TBR challenge http://booksaremyfavouriteandbest.wordpress.com/2012/09/01/mount-tbr-reading-challenge/ – I’m not finished but it did curb the book buying in the last half of the year. Now, if I could only stop myself acquiring more books through NetGalley… 😉

    • I’m glad it’s not just me!

      That’s the sort of challenge I need to do, too! NetGalley (and eBook buying) is fatal…

      • I’ve also made an effort this year to get sample chapters on my Kindle before buying the whole book. A couple of times a year I spend an afternoon reading the samples and either buying or ditching.

        • I find it so difficult to read samples. I think it’s just too hard for me to tell whether I’m going to enjoy a book with just 30-50 pages. On the other hand, I know that others love them and will not purchase a book without sampling.

  3. lol I always look up the reviews on a book before I buy it 🙂 This is why my blog has mostly positive reviews on it (I think I only have two reviews that are negative). I borrow from the library a lot but I end up checking out a whole stack of books and not reading them all!

  4. I think I’m going to start using the library more since I won’t be working starting January since I’m no longer an undergraduate student. Yay for writing reviews on paper before typing them up! I do the same thing, for some reason it makes me feel accomplished and it’s easier to jot down thoughts on paper first as opposed to typing up stuff. This is easily one of my favourite posts by you Stacey :).

  5. I think the most important thing is that you had a fantastic year, and it really sounds as if you did.
    Point #4 on your list is something I want to try to do more often next year, because sometimes I think that reading too many reviews on a book or even one review can spoil your reading experience a bit. Sometimes it’s nice to go into a book with only knowing the synopsis of it and nothing else.

  6. Some good goals, and not too much pressure either, which is always good. You’ve not done badly at all 🙂 Have to agree that writing reviews on paper first helps a lot. And the read less/enjoy more thing is very difficult to go along with, I think it’s natural when you’re blogging, to want to read more (and just in general anyway).

  7. I love these resolutions, also gave me inspiration for next year’s resolutions. I have already decided to read more classics, but to reread books is something I really need to start doing (especially with my favorites), as well as the book journal which is such a fantastic idea. I very often struggle with remembering what I actually liked about the book, what made me dislike something, etc – once I’ve finished the book and try to write a review. So making small notes during the read I think would be such a huge help for writing the final review, and actually remembering the book for what it is.

    • Thank you! I’m so glad you find them helpful and I hope keeping a book journal works out for you 🙂 I struggled a little to stop reading and make notes, especially as I read on public transport, but occasionally I’ll think of someone I want to mention in a review and write it in my notebook so I don’t forget (which I would do).

  8. Great list!
    I go to the library weekly! Maybe not for pleasure, mostly school books, but I often borrow something for pleasure reading as well. Sadly we’re not well stocked with English or new books.
    I tried to read 1 classic (in entire year) and failed even that. I’m not a big fan. :X
    I always buy 90 % more books than I read but I almost always buy them without reading synopsis. I love to be surprised. I also borrow books that way. I go after recommended books or great covers.
    I reread Harry Potter, I do it annually. I’ll reread THG and Divergent in 2013 as well. Hopefully.
    I try to read more every year because I haven’t read much between ’05 and ’10 :X and I’m glad I read more than I set myself to on Goodreads 😀
    As for my journal, that’s my blog and the reviews. I used to keep a list of read books (and watched shows/movies) but I gave up 😀

    Also, love the new blog look 😀

  9. Good job not letting Classics intimidate you! They’re lovely books. (Although, I understand your apprehension: if I hadn’t had that seminar on War and Peace there is no way I would have read it on my own.)

  10. I can’t believe it’s been a year since you posted your resolutions! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your book reviews and pictures of pretty books. Thanks so much. 🙂

  11. I’d say you’re modest – you had a BRILLIANT reading year, Stacey! And having bookish resolutions is an awesome idea I’m awfully tempted to borrow – can I?

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  13. I completly agree with the library. You should go more there. Well, I’m not objective, I’m a librarian 🙂 We have great books to borrow for free and we are up to help you with the choice of books if you want to.

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