Behold the…. Wait. Where’s the books?

I really love doing book hauls. I do not see them as a way of showing off what ‘free books’ I received from publishers or what books ‘I can afford’, but a way of showing people the books I want to read, books I’m excited about, books I hadn’t heard of before – and they’re also among my favourite posts to read (or videos to watch, if you’re a book vlogger). But I also like other hauls. I follow various vloggers like thereadables, essiebutton, fleurdeforce, and I love to see their various hauls, whether that’s books, hair products, food, clothes, anything… and so I thought I’d share some of those things with you too.

I did receive one book that I wasn’t expecting (I’m trying really hard not to accept any review copies or buy any books as there’s currently 170 books I own but haven’t read yet. It’s ridiculously absurd.).

Eternally Yours by Cate Tiernan
This is the third book in the Immortal Beloved series, one of the very few ‘paranormal’ books I enjoy! I also like the new cover design (you can see the previous covers in my reviews here and here).

Lush Cosmetics

I’ve liked Lush for years but I only started buying their products again after seeing everyone talk about their Christmas stuff. I can’t really show them properly as they’re all wrapped up to keep fresh but I bought Cinders Bath Bomb, Father Christmas Bath Bomb (it turns the water red then green!), Magic Wand Bubble Bar, Party Popper Bath Bomb (which I’ve used – it turned the bath pink!), and the absolutely fantastic Snow Fairy Shower Gel. It smells like bubblegum and pear drops.

Christmas Jumper!
I’ve always wanted a ‘ugly Christmas sweater’ but they’re just not a ‘thing’ here. Until recently. I decided to go more ‘cute’ than ‘ugly’ and bought this cream reindeer jumper from ASOS. I just love it. (Although I may need a smaller size…).

(I went a bit too crazy with Instagram on these photos. Sorry!)

15 thoughts on “Behold the…. Wait. Where’s the books?

  1. I love Lush products!!!! I only started to use them two years ago because some of my the dairy ingredients in skin care stuff was affecting my body, so I switched to Lush. Their products are wonderful. I’ve never bought any of their Christmas products, but you’re tempting me to go and buy some lol. Did you get your John Green Boxed Set yet?

  2. Lush products are great. I wish I could afford to buy them more but I may have to splurge on some of their holiday products like Snow Fairy. Hope you enjoy Eternally Yours too!

  3. Do you follow any wordpress book blogs? I haven’t found any that I like aside from yours.

    • I think there’s quite a few people who comment are on WordPress, although I don’t know many by heart as I follow everyone via Google Reader mainly. It is harder to find people on WordPress though.

  4. Loving Lush’s Christmas products, though it’s always a pity that it’s a limited time, must stock up. Like Lucy, I wish they weren’t so expensive, they’re unfortunately relegated to treats and presents. I like that you want an ugly Christmas sweater! I think the stereotype has made them somewhat acceptable.

  5. I love your Christmas sweater! Mine from last year is a bit too much (and very thick) so I think I need one that is a bit more subtle, like yours.

  6. I want your sweater. I’d wear that anywhere, anytime.

  7. The sweater is sooooo cute! I love it! I don’t think I saw jumpers like this one in any of our stores but I stalked the internet and the moment my pay check come in I will get one! 🙂
    Oh and I looove Lush comsetics, and the Christmas bomb sound so awesome. I need to visit their store again, haven’t had anything from there in years!

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