Book Blogger Appreciation Week: Interview

Day 2: Interview Swap

I had the opportunity this year to interview the lovely Susan from Bloggin’ ’bout Books for Book Blogger Appreciation Week. I was thrilled to discover, while browsing her blog, that we enjoyed so many similar books, YA dystopia in particular! Find out all about Susan in the interview below…

1. First of all, tell us three fun facts about yourself that are book-related, and three that are not.

Three fun book-related facts:  I’m so obsessed with books that the license plate on my minivan is BQQKISH (I had to use Q’s because someone else in Arizona already has BOOKISH); I’ve pretty much quit watching t.v. altogether so that I have more time to read; and, I actually LOVE waiting hours for doctor/dentist appointments because it means I have more time to read!  Three fun non book-related facts:  I’m not the most adventurous eater, but I have sampled dog, monkey and pig’s brain (yuck, yuck and yuck); I’m not very adventurous in general, but when I was a teenager, I did bungee jump out of a hot air balloon; and, I’d do just about anything for a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.  Phew!  That was hard.  Every time I have to answer these kinds of questions, I realize how boring I am!

 2. We always talk about how it’s great being part of a blogging community – which of course it is! – but what is it about writing or posting book reviews that you enjoy?

I do love being part of this book blogging community!  But, I think my favorite part about reviewing is just the opportunity it gives me to dissect the books I read.  It really makes me think about what makes a book work. what pulls it off track, and what methods an author uses to pull me into a story and keep me there.  It’s very instructive to me as one of these days I really am going to glue my backside to my desk chair and finish writing my own novel.  For now, though, it’s easier to critique other people’s work …

3. I noticed you are a fellow reader of YA dystopia! What were the first few books that got you in to the genre and what was it about them that made you want to check out more?

It was Hunger Games, for sure, that piqued my interest in dystopian books.  Since then, the genre has exploded and I’ve just kept on loving it.  I’m generally a happy, upbeat person, so I’m not sure what about this dark, depressing genre intrigues me so!  All I know is that I LOVE it.

4. Unlike me (fortunately!), you get a lot of your books from the library. As it’s quite a large part of your life (I read that you’ve been going frequently since you were a child!) how would it change your life, or the way you read, if they didn’t exist any more?

I’ve always loved libraries because, for me, they’re quiet, orderly sanctuaries filled with endless possibilities.  Walking into one feels warm and welcoming, like I’m coming home to a place filled with hundreds of my closest friends and family members.  I’ll never feel out of place when surrounded by books!  If libraries were to disappear, I would feel the loss keenly.  It would be like losing the most cherished kind of friend.

5. How many books do you currently own? Are you able to share a picture of your bookshelves?

How many books do I own?  Excellent question.  The answer:  thousands.  Yes, really.  My friend says I’m like a crazy cat lady, just with books 🙂

P.S.  I’ll try to explain the pictures:  The bookshelves beside the big, comfy chair are in my game room.  They hold children’s books (middle grade – YA; the picture books are on a separate bookshelf); the stuck-in-a-corner bookshelves are in the entrance to my bedroom.  They hold all my adult books, fiction and non; the desk pictures show the spot where I do all my writing/reviewing.  When we bought our house, this space was dominated by a wet bar.  The previous owner kept her ginormous parrot in this nook and used the wet bar as the bird’s feeding/watering station.  When I first saw the cozy, little space I knew it was a perfect office space/book nook.  So, I had the wet bar torn out and moved in a HUGE desk (it’s about 6 feet long and 7 feet tall).  As you can see, it’s completely jammed with review books.  Every shelf is doubly lined with books.  I’ve run out of shelf space for review books, so I’ve been stacking them under my desk and against the south wall of my little office space.  I’ve got more books than I can read in several lifetimes, but I love having so much variety.  My friend’s right — I really am a crazy book lady 🙂

6. What is the prettiest book you own?

The prettiest books I own are probably my picture books by Nancy Tillman.  Her illustrations astound me with their vivid, heartwarming messages.  They make me smile, sigh, tear up and just swoon.  They really are THAT beautiful.

7. I was reading your review policy and noticed you didn’t review eBooks because you didn’t have an e-reader, but I see now that you have a Kindle! What made you decide to get one and how do you feel about the reading experience so far?

Yep, I caved and bought a Kindle Fire.  And guess what?  I LOVE it!  I bought it mostly because I wanted to be able to get e-ARCs from NetGalley and it’s worked wonderfully for that purpose.  I have to admit that I spend more time playing games (Words With Friends, anyone?) on the Kindle than actually reading on it, but still, it’s a fun device.  E-reading will never replace “real” reading for me, but I do love having the option.

Thanks so much, Stacey!

Check out Susan’s blog Bloggin’ ’bout Books and read her interview with me here.

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  1. Thanks for the interview, Stacey! It was lots of fun getting to know you. I’ve got your blog on my Reader now and will be back often 🙂

  2. Good to get to know you both! This is my first time participating in the book blogger appreciation week and I’m glad I am because I’ve been able to find great blogs! Happy BBAW 🙂

  3. Love those bookcases. I have, at last count, about 18 bookcases myself. Enjoyed the interview and that license plate is hilarious. Good for you! These interviews are a great way to get to know other book bloggers. Glad I found out about BBAW and decided to participate.

  4. Great interview! I have to admit, I’ve pretty much given up watching telly too, because it interferes in my reading time!

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