Book Event: Bloggers Lunch @ Hot Key Books

I was lucky enough to attend a Bloggers Lunch at Hot Key Books yesterday! It was a chance for them to talk about their launch list in detail (they’re a brand new publisher!), and for us to hear a little bit from their authors – Sally Gardner (Maggot Moon), Lydia Syson (A World Between Us), and Sarah Mussi (Angel Dust).

(Note the little name tag on the bag!)

As you can see, we were given lovely proofs to take away to read and review, including some PDFs on a USB. I’m most excited for A World Between Us – an epic romance set during the Spanish Civil War – because it’s about a topic one wouldn’t usually see in young adult fiction. I certainly haven’t. I think the book cover design is also fantastic, refreshing, and completely different to other YA historical fiction. Lydia Syson is also extremely passionate about the topic and incredibly friendly. I was also hoping to receive Maggot Moon – and as you can see, we did – because it sounds like it has a unique character voice. Maggot Moon is narrated by Standish Treadwell and is about friendship intertwined with a desperate attempt to ‘expose the truth about a planned moon landing’. I’ll also be reading Insignia next week, which I received in the post last week – an exciting science fiction action-adventure. We had a Skype chat with the author, S. J. Kincaid, which was really interesting! She nearly gave up after writing 6 manuscripts that didn’t get published; Insignia was her 7th – and it’s now going to be made into a film by 20th Century Fox! It shows that determination pays off.

Other highlights for me were Constable & Toop by Gareth P. Jones (super creepy children’s ghost story) and The Cloud Hunters by Alex Shearer (fantastical Dahl-esque adventure set in the sky) first and foremost because of their wonderful covers (what can I say, this blog is called ‘pretty books’), but my interest was confirmed when I heard what they were about.

You can read about what other books are in Hot Key Books’ launch list here. We also got a sneak peak of some of their 2013 titles, but we’re not allowed to talk about them yet! All I’ll say is that it’s again a very diverse selection and I can’t wait to read some of them.

I had a fantastic time talking to the people who work at Hot Key Books – thank you for inviting me! – their authors, and of course, my fellow UK bloggers.

3 thoughts on “Book Event: Bloggers Lunch @ Hot Key Books

  1. A new publisher, exciting! I’m guessing the covers of the books in your photographs are the proof covers? I actually rather like them, if they created sets of books with the same logo that would be on trend as it were. I’m interested in whether there is an overall theme to the books, so going to the website now.

    • Ah yes. Those are the proof covers. You can see all the covers for their launch list on their blog 🙂 I’ve linked to a specific link in the actual post where they put up all their covers (sorry I’m on my phone right now can’t copy and paste it for you!).

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