Blog Tour: Darkness Falls by Cate Tiernan

Darkness Falls by Cate Tiernan

Darkness Falls, the exciting sequel to Immortal Beloved, was released in the UK on 5th January and in the US on 2nd January. Pretty Books is the first stop of the Darkness Falls blog tour and I was asked if I wanted to do a short interview with Cate Tiernan. As I have been a fan of her work for a very long time (10 years this year!), I could not turn down the opportunity.

S. Cate, thank you for agreeing to do this short Q&A with Pretty Books!

C. Thank you for asking me!

Q. First of all, when I heard about the premise for Immortal Beloved, I was pleasantly surprised. What was your inspiration for deviating from witches, as in your Wicca/Sweep and Balefire series’, and choosing to write about immortals instead?

A. I like exploring different things, and didn’t want to write about only witches. In Balefire I fell in love with one character, an immortal named Claire, who’s a complete mess. She first gave me the idea of creating a character who seems to have no redeeming qualities whatsoever–and then redeem her.

Q. Immortal Beloved and Darkness Falls provide a lot of historical flashbacks in order for us to understand the characters’ back stories. What sort of research did you have to do in order to write the series?

A. Lots and lots of research! I do try to be as accurate as possible when I write–if a tree is mentioned somewhere, I’ve checked that that particular kind of tree is actually in that area at that time. Sometimes I do two hours of research for one line in a book. But I love research, and always get sucked into different avenues without meaning to. In Immortal Beloved, an abbreviated research list is: weapons, food for different places at different times, how long it takes to get from one place to another on horseback, castle-building techniques, clothes, roles of women, medieval furniture, sunset times for Iceland, crops in various places at all times of the year, Massachusetts, Quaker buildings, Vikings . . . so many things are fascinating.

Q. Nastasya undertakes a huge personal journey in both novels. Are you able to offer us any hints as to whether there is light at the end of the tunnel for Nastasya in the third book, Immortal Light?

A. Yes, I wrote the trilogy to show Nastasya working toward a more positive life, leaving her darkness behind and truly becoming a better person. I do believe that if one tries to live with positive intent, then that person will be karmically rewarded, and I tried to show that with Nastasya. For some people, that reward might include a hot Viking. And perhaps a dog.

Q. You were writing about the paranormal way before it became a trend within young adult literature. Why do you think paranormal/paranormal romance novels have become so popular with young people?

A. It’s just so fun to escape everyday life, isn’t it? Even if the alternate world is dark or sometimes scary, still, it isn’t the same go to school, make dinner, see friends routine. I also think that in general, the more troubled the current real life is, the more attractive it is to escape into a world so different from one’s own. The last five years have been quite hard for many people–how lovely it would be to exist in an alternate reality sometimes.

Q. I read in another interview you did over at Nice Girls Read Books last year that you had ideas for a companion novel to Immortal Beloved as well as a historical novel. Are you able to tell us any more about these projects?

A. Well, they’re just ideas at this point. I thought it might be fun to follow Reyn and Nastasya as their lives continue. And I had a really interesting idea set in New Orleans. But I think perhaps my next project might be neither of those–though it will have magick in it. First I have to finish the last book in Immortal Beloved! (Any day now–)

Thank you, Stacey!

Darkness Falls is available to buy now and you can read my review here.

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