Book Blogger Appreciation Week: Interviews


Day 2: Interviews
As part of BBAW, book bloggers get paired up to interview a fellow book blogger. I got the opportunity to interview Noah from Books I Recommend and learn more about him. You can read my answers to his interview questions here.

Stacey: I couldn’t help but notice, of course, that your blog features mostly Christian fiction (and non-fiction) reviews, and posts about Christian authors. What inspired you to run a Christian book review blog as opposed to a general book review blog?

Noah: Well, first of all, I am a Christian. Second, the decision came around gradually. If you look back very early in the blog’s history, you will find me posting about simply any book I enjoyed, Christian or not. I didn’t really review them at the time, but I was soon convinced that reviewing would be much better than a picture of the book and an “I liked it.” Being a Christian, I thought that in reviewing general books, I would be always using Christian references, and that might not be helpful to most people. Now that I think about it, it might be a good thing for a Christian to read a review of such a book written by another Christian.

Stacey: Has running a book blog had an impact on your experience of religion or religious involvement in any way?

Noah: Well, reading Christian books in itself has improved my life, especially nonfiction. Then, reading imaginative books in general has improved my way of seeing things, relating to others, etc. Blogging, then, really got me involved in so many more authors than I’d dreamed of knowing. I was able to talk with them most often, though rarely face-to-face. They have been great role models. I have also found many Christian readers my age doing the same thing, and it’s been great to collaborate.

Stacey: I had never heard of Christian science fiction or fantasy before visiting your blog. Can you tell us a bit about these genres and what is it about them that appeals to you?

Noah:  Christian science fiction and fantasy are almost the same as the generic genres. The thing that makes them different is, as you may guess, the Christian worldview. That does eliminate many themes in fantasy, though. Often, fantasy portrays are Biblical characters or stories, but with different names, locations, etc. Christian sci-fi tries to enlarge our understanding of possible and impossible, like normal sci-fi, but again, does it from a Christian vantage point.

Stacey: Have your reading interests changed over time (for example, young teen to an older teen) and if so, how?

Noah: Yes, they have changed a lot. I used to like mystery (Hardy Boys, and yes, Nancy Drew too), but I don’t read it much anymore. I may still like it, but I’m not sure. I’ll have to read another to find out… (Agatha Christie or James Patterson, maybe)

I liked plain adventure too, such as the older Lee Roddy books and the Sugar Creek Gang. Lots of nostalgia coming to me now.

Stacey: What would your dream library look like?

Noah: Considering the appearance, I would like it to be a large house, with every furniture piece carrying books in some way. But I would have a lot of room for future purchases as well. Considering the contents, I could have a whole range, including several popular volumes like the Inheritance Cycle, Narnia, LotR, Artemis Fowl, etc.

Stacey: Lastly, I follow quite a few book blogs and I realised that generally, I do not know much about the owners themselves. Tell us a little bit about your other hobbies and interests.

Noah: Ooh, hobbies! I have lots. I love to read. I really enjoy photography, though I’m not even an amateur yet. I’m taking my first class on it next semester. You can view my better photos at I love learning new languages, even though I haven’t been fluent in any besides English. I’m learning Spanish and Latin, and hope to learn quite a few more. I like graphic design and digital art. I have done very little, however, and still don’t know much about photoshop and the like.

Thank you Noah for answering my questions 🙂

5 thoughts on “Book Blogger Appreciation Week: Interviews

  1. Great interview. I love the dream library, if you build one, can you build me one too? 🙂 I’m a Christian, but I am not very fond of Christian fiction or faith based fiction. I find myself buying them a lot because my friends read them and I give them away as gifts but mostly my own collection just collects dust unless it’s a favorite author of mine like Victoria Christopher Murray or Reshonda Tate Billingsley.

    Thanks for sharing a wonderful interview. Looking forward to following you both. 🙂

    • Thanks! If I ever build one, I’ll give you the blueprints, how’s that? 😛

      Awesome! Thanks for reading the interview!

      (@Stacey I am just about to post the other half)

  2. Your blog and tumbler are so interesting! I’ll be following you via twitter from now on! I’m so lucky to have found a fellow wordpress book blogger =D

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