Review: The Flipback Reading Experience


If you don’t know about it already, the flipback is another completely new reading experience. It’s a print book that’s the size of an iPhone yet it’s a hardback with the weight of an ereader. You can find out more information and view a video about flipbacks at

I first heard about flipbacks a few months ago when I thought everyone was talking about some sort of new ereader. It hadn’t occurred to me that anyone would create a new print book format. But here it is.

It’s amazing just how small the flipback is. It takes up hardly any space in my bag and it’s lighter than the average paperback. Imagine how many of these you could fit on a bookshelf – my storage problems would be solved! I wouldn’t necessarily have had to buy an ereader. Now, this is also an extremely girly thing to say, but they’re also so cute. I obviously care about book aesthetics considering I’m running this blog, and I love the look of these. It’s strange holding a miniature book in your hands.

Of course, the most important thing is the reading experience. At first, I felt like I had to be really careful with this fragile little thing because of how thin the paper is (think: the Bible). I also had to fight the uncontrollable urge to turn the book the ‘right way around’ – you lift the pages up as opposed to across. However, after a while, I found it just as comfortable as using my Kindle – you can easily hold the book with one hand, which I sometimes find difficult if I’m holding a heavy paperback. Flipbacks are small but the text is still comfortably readable. Although, of course, you still have to turn the page with your other hand – there’s no button here to do that for you!

Overall, I love how small and portable flipbacks are but I’m not sure how exciting I’ll find them after the novelty has worn off. They’re priced at £9.99, which is higher than the full price of a paperback. I’m still going to buy a few – One Day by David Nicholls, Shades of Gray by Jasper Fforde, and Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. I think they’re great for anyone who’s running out of space, or who travels a lot, but refuses to join the digital ereading experience.

Thank you Hodder for sending me the flipback to review!