Book Review: Dark Inside by Jeyn Roberts

Dark Inside by Jeyn Roberts

Genres: Young adult,  post-apocalyptic.

Since mankind began, civilizations have always fallen: the Romans, the Greeks, the Aztecs…Now it’s our turn. Huge earthquakes rock the world. Cities are destroyed. But something even more awful is happening. An ancient evil has been unleashed, turning everyday people into hunters, killers, crazies.

The publisher describe Dark Inside as ‘28 Days Later meets The Road‘ and another reviewer described it as ‘Zombieland meets The Crazies’. That’s EXACTLY what Dark Inside is. It’s a post-apocalyptic survival novel with zombies. These aren’t your typical zombies, they don’t look that different from us, which makes them even more dangerous. They’re ‘normal’ people that have become infected with some sort of disease that causes them to break out in a murderous, destructive rage. They travel across towns, cities and countryside tearing people apart and calculatingly destroy everything in their path.

I really, really loved Dark Inside. I’d stay up until the early hours of the morning reading it (not recommended – I was terrified) because I wanted to find out what happens to each of our four main characters: Mason, Michael, Clementine and Aries, travelling separately and unbeknown to each other, but with the same goal – to survive. The stories are distinct and memorable, and Jeyn Roberts strategically reminds us in every chapter about which story we’re reading so we don’t get confused, but it never seems forced. I identified with, and loved, each of the characters. I originally thought I’d finish the book with a clear favourite but I ended up rooting for them all equally. There’s the addition of a mysterious character in some chapters – “Nothing” (who we’re introduced to in the very first chapter), which makes the book even more eerie.

Dark Inside
is also another case of a book being described as dystopia even though there’s nothing dystopian about it, so bear that in mind if you’re thinking it’s a young adult dystopian novel (and I’ve referred to it as that previously). It’s not, but it’s definitely worth reading. I cannot even think of anything that I disliked about this book. It’s one of my favourites of this year so far (and I’ve read 63!). It’s exciting, emotional, thrilling, and it even has its humorous moments. It’s just so good.

Dark Inside will be released 2nd September 2011 in the UK, and 1st November 2011 in the US.

Thank you Macmillan Children’s Books for sending me this book to review!

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  8. it was a good book

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